Blog Collab with Katherine from Teen Writers’ Nook: Interview

Hello everyone! I've come back with a special announcement! I'm doing my first ever blog collaboration! Today the wonderful and sweet Katherine (who has a great sense of humor 😉 ) is here to be interviewed and I am being interviewed over on Teen Writers' Nook, if you want to go read that after this.… Continue reading Blog Collab with Katherine from Teen Writers’ Nook: Interview


#Writing Community Blog Award

*le gasp!* What's this!? An actual Jen post on a Monday!? Is she finally back to a regular posting schedule now?, don't jinx it. XD Okay, on a less dramatic note, I was tagged by Issabelle over on Teen Writers' Nook for the #Writing Community Blog Award! Thank you so much, Issabelle! ❤ The… Continue reading #Writing Community Blog Award


Escaping the Blogosphere – Stop #8

(For those who don't know, Teen Writers' Nook is hosting a virtual scavenger hunt and my blog is the next stop! 🙂 If you're just now hearing of it and would like to join, head here for the beginning of the hunt. There's also a virtual giveaway going on, to enter you have to comment… Continue reading Escaping the Blogosphere – Stop #8