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Fairy Tale Central Tag 2020

Hello, hello! So sorry about the late post today. *grimaces* I had a bit of techy troubles today. Now that we're here, I had so much fun doing Fairy Tale Central's last tag that I wanted to do their first one. 😀 Tag Info We’ve compiled ten fairy tale-centric questions which you can then take,… Continue reading Fairy Tale Central Tag 2020

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Beautiful People: Author Edition

Hello lovelies! I hope this Monday morn finds you hale, hearty, and happy! ❤ I for one have been feeling ethereally ecstatic over The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp reaching 100 members this past Saturday! I am just so thrilled we’ve grown so much as we celebrate KDWC’s 1 year anniversary. We even have over 30… Continue reading Beautiful People: Author Edition


Would You Be… Tag by Ribbon Ash @ Virtual Paper

Happy Monday! If you're a writer, do you often wonder which of your characters your readers would like to be if they could? Or as a reader, do you often wish you were a certain character? Well, today I'm here with a tag by the lovely Ribbon Ash that takes on both! She will find… Continue reading Would You Be… Tag by Ribbon Ash @ Virtual Paper

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Fantasy Fandom Tag

The tag was created by Madeline J. Rose and I was tagged by Jenelle Schmidt. Thank you so much, Jenelle! The Rules Include the graphic somewhere in your post!Answer the questions!Tag two fangirls (or boys, I suppose!) (If you don’t know what a fandom is, it’s basically a group of fans of a particular thing,… Continue reading Fantasy Fandom Tag


The Narnia Tag

So, February is #FantasyMonth, aaand it's almost over before I can even start participating. *sobs* I am SO scheduling more time to focus on it next year. Anyway, Jenelle Schmidt created "February is Fantasy Month" in 2016 in which we get to celebrate all things Fantasy all month long! Each year has a theme, and… Continue reading The Narnia Tag


#Writing Community Blog Award

*le gasp!* What's this!? An actual Jen post on a Monday!? Is she finally back to a regular posting schedule now? ...eh, don't jinx it. XD Okay, on a less dramatic note, I was tagged by Issabelle over on Teen Writers' Nook for the #Writing Community Blog Award! Thank you so much, Issabelle! ❤ The… Continue reading #Writing Community Blog Award