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Know the Novel – Part One: Introduction

*squeals* Okay, I am SUPER excited to be participating in Know the Novel, hosted by my amazing friend Christine Smith, for the second year in a row! But before we get into all the writerly goodness, I have some life/blog stuff I promised to explain.

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Write for Life: Sustainer’s Smile & To Save a Life Launch Tour – Sustainer’s Smile Character Spotlight

"Even though I developed Carita’s character in depth before beginning Promise’s Prayer and even though she was the character I was most looking forward to writing, I was surprised to discover that her scenes were some of my favorite to write."

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Book Review – At Her Fingertips by Kellyn Roth

Miss Roth has done it again. She's entranced my heart and soul with the delightful Knights and Nettie and also a certain Peter Strauss...

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Beautiful People: Author Edition

Hello lovelies! I hope this Monday morn finds you hale, hearty, and happy! ❤ I for one have been feeling ethereally ecstatic over The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp reaching 100 members this past Saturday! I am just so thrilled we’ve grown so much as we celebrate KDWC’s 1 year anniversary. We even have over 30… Continue reading Beautiful People: Author Edition

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Favorite Characters from the Twist Tales – A Guest Post by Kirsten Fichter

Have you ever wondered what an author's favorite characters are? I have! Which is why I ask it every time I interview an author. As a writer myself, I know how evil this question can be, ;p but there's just something extra special about knowing which character(s) have the fondest place in their author's heart.… Continue reading Favorite Characters from the Twist Tales – A Guest Post by Kirsten Fichter


Would You Be… Tag by Ribbon Ash @ Virtual Paper

Happy Monday! If you're a writer, do you often wonder which of your characters your readers would like to be if they could? Or as a reader, do you often wish you were a certain character? Well, today I'm here with a tag by the lovely Ribbon Ash that takes on both! She will find… Continue reading Would You Be… Tag by Ribbon Ash @ Virtual Paper

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February is Fantasy Month Tag

Hello! Today I'm finally here with Jenelle Schmidt's February is Fantasy Month tag! Also, Happy National Tell a Fairy Tale Day! Check out Fairy Tale Central for some fun games to play! (The giveaway is over, but the games were SO much fun!) And Brittany Fichter is hosting a HUGE party on her blog too,… Continue reading February is Fantasy Month Tag

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Character Interview: Alice and Ivy from Becoming Miss Knight by Kellyn Roth

Today I'm here with a fun interview with the twins Alice and Ivy from Kellyn Roth's novella, Becoming Miss Knight! In case you missed it, I also did an interview with Kell here, and have a review of BMK right here. Interview with Alice: What is your opinion of London? Loud, noisy, smelly, necessary place.… Continue reading Character Interview: Alice and Ivy from Becoming Miss Knight by Kellyn Roth


#Writing Community Blog Award

*le gasp!* What's this!? An actual Jen post on a Monday!? Is she finally back to a regular posting schedule now?, don't jinx it. XD Okay, on a less dramatic note, I was tagged by Issabelle over on Teen Writers' Nook for the #Writing Community Blog Award! Thank you so much, Issabelle! ❤ The… Continue reading #Writing Community Blog Award


Escaping the Blogosphere – Stop #8

(For those who don't know, Teen Writers' Nook is hosting a virtual scavenger hunt and my blog is the next stop! 🙂 If you're just now hearing of it and would like to join, head here for the beginning of the hunt. There's also a virtual giveaway going on, to enter you have to comment… Continue reading Escaping the Blogosphere – Stop #8