Blog Collab with Katherine from Teen Writers’ Nook: Interview

Hello everyone! I’ve come back with a special announcement! I’m doing my first ever blog collaboration! Today the wonderful and sweet Katherine (who has a great sense of humor 😉 ) is here to be interviewed and I am being interviewed over on Teen Writers’ Nook, if you want to go read that after this. 😉 We decided to ask each other different questions in three categories and I gotta say, I especially loved her answers to the Writing category. *grins* (And I just now realized I forgot to ask my signature question! I didn’t ask her who her favourite character is! *facepalm* XD) Okay, no more stalling, onward to the interview! (My questions are in bold and Katherine’s answers are in normal text.)

Disney Questions:

What is the first Disney movie you remember watching?

Um . . . *thinks really hard* probably one of those first Disney princess movies. Like, Cinderella, Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty. I can’t remember which one I watched first, but I’m pretty certain it’s one of those three.

Who are your top five favourite princesses?

All the princesses are amazing, but if I have to choose then my top five fav would be Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Tianna, Jasmine, and Giselle (from Enchanted – yes, she counts! ;p).

Which Disney song can you listen to on repeat all day?

SPEECHLESS, but honestly I could list here a lot of Disney songs. For instance, every single one from the live-action Aladdin including the deleted song, “I Have a Dream” (Tangled), “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” (The Lion King), all the Frozen ones, “Part of Your World” (The Little Mermaid), “That’s How You Know” (Enchanted), “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” (Mulan), and so many more!!!

Fairy Tale Questions:

Which fairy tale author do you like best? i.e. Hans Christian Andersen, The Grimm Brothers, Andrew Lang, etc.

Hmm, probably The Grimm Brothers. I feel like I’ve read more of their fairy tales. Plus, they’ve written some of my favorites!!!

Do you have a favourite fairy tale?

*gasp* I have to choose a favorite fairy tale?! XD Ok ok, well, I really like Rapunzel. But I also like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Frog Prince, The Swan Princess, and The Princess and the Pea (which I’m still waiting for Disney to make a movie based off it btw). So, let’s just count all of those as one. XD

Do you have plans to rewrite any fairy tales? (Had to throw an extra writing question in. ;p)

Eeee, I LOVE this question!!!! 😀 I hope to have more ideas in the future, but for now I do have one story that I started back in the fall, but my current WIP demanded more of my attention. XD Anyway, my story idea is about a crown prince. The more I worked on the story the more I saw “Cinderella” elements sneaking their way into it. The prince has a stepmother, there’s a scene where a princess’s shoe falls off and my prince puts it back on her foot, he’ll end up working as a servant, etc. So, my story is probably going to be a reimagined fairy tale more than a retelling. Oh, and I do have another Cinderella-type story idea where the boy is a servant for his uncle. So, yeah, that’s where I’m at with fairy tale retellings. 😉

Writing Questions:

How did you fall in love with writing?

A combination of things caused me to fall in love with writing. But the two main things are 1) I saw writing as a creative challenge that I wanted to tackle, and 2) *cue dramatic effect* it started with a secret! *crickets chirping* Ok, fine, I’ll be more specific. 2) is Secret of the Red Diamond by Kimberly Perry. To the best of my memory, when my mom was writing her novel I decided that I wanted to be an author like her. Now anytime I need encouragement, I’ll pull her book off the bookshelf and remind myself of why I started writing.

Which author would you say has influenced your writing the most?

Probably between E. D. Baker and Gail Carson Levine. (Baker and Levine have been my favorite authors since forever!!!!) I don’t know about my “writer voice”, but my stories have a lot of magic, royalty, and fairy tale-like qualities just like Baker’s and Levine’s books. 

What is your current WIP about?

My current WIP (called Behind the Blade, Without the Wings) is about a princess and a commander whose people hate each other, and technically they did too until they fell in love and decided to put an end to hatred. War is about to break out again. But if the princess and commander can unite, then they might be able to prevent another war.

Thank you, Katherine for answering all my questions! I loved reading them! And I agree with you on all those songs. *grins* Wait, I didn’t know there was a deleted song from live-action Aladdin! *rushes of to give it a listen* Okay, yup, new fav song. XD

Did you enjoy Katherine’s answers? Doesn’t her WIPs sound amazing!? Who else agrees Giselle counts as a Disney Princess? *raises hand and waves it frantically* (Also, does anyone else think Flynn Rider and Robert need to meet up? They are the only two in all of Disney to question Disney logic and spontaneous singing. >.> XD) Did you know about the deleted song from Aladdin? O.O And now for a personal note: I am still on hiatus, but I hope to have a writing update post soon since I couldn’t get to it yet. I will say that I’ve written roughly 23,000 words. My original goal was to get to 50,000 or The End, but that didn’t happen so my goal changed to 30,000. I hope everyone else who is doing NaNo or KDWC is doing fabulously! It’s the last week! …I honestly can’t believe that. Didn’t April just start like two days ago?? Heh… O.o And don’t forget to head over to Teen Writers’ Nook to read my interview! ^_^

Let’s Chat! 😀


46 thoughts on “Blog Collab with Katherine from Teen Writers’ Nook: Interview”

  1. Aww, that’s so nice what you said about me!!!!😊 You’re so sweet, Jen!!!!!❤️ And I absolutely LOVED doing this collab with you!!!!!!! *infinite hearts*

    Ooh, I can answer your signature question here!!!! Hmm, my favorite characters is probably Junior Bledsoe from Aim by Joyce Moyer Hostetter. (I have no idea why though.😆 I can’t remember much of what happened in the book, but I do remember that I really loved his character!)

    I didn’t think about it before, but YES, Flynn Rider and Robert totally need to meet up!!!!!😉

    That’s AMAZING how much you’ve written!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😃 I’m so HAPPY for you!!!!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!!! You go, girl!!!!!!! <333

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I meant every word! Love you, girl! ❤ And this collab was SO much fun!!!! *infinite hearts and hugs*

      Oooh! Cool! (Hehe, I know the feeling. There are some books I remember the characters far more than the actual story. XD) But I think I wrote that wrong, I meant who was your favourite of your characters. 🙂

      Haha! I saw it in a meme and I was like, yes, those two seriously need to meet up. XD

      Awww, thank you, Katherine! ^_^ <333333

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      1. Awww!!!<33 Love you too, girl!!!❤️ *more infinite hearts and hugs* ^_^

        Hehe, I had wondered what favorite character it was supposed to be from. But since I didn't know, I had just assumed from books.😄 Now you get to know my favorite book character and my own character! It's a win-win!!!!!😀😉 Though, all my characters are my dear sweet children, so I can't pick favorites over them. But, I will say that I've spent a lot of time writing Delano's story, so I know him REALLY well. So, I will answer your question with Delano. He's really sweet and is always thinking about others before himself. And he's very passionate about saving the lives of the innocent.

        Awww, you're welcome!!!!!!! <3333333

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        1. <333 ^_^

          I'm not always the best at wording things, totally my fault. XD But yes! A win-win!!! Hehe, yes, I know it's always so hard to pick, which is what makes it fun to ask. *evil emoji smile* XD Awww! Delano sounds wonderful! I love the guys that are always thinking of others first, and that is awesome he's passionate about saving innocent people! ❤


          Liked by 1 person

          1. It’s alright! I’m not always good at wording things either. XD I know, right?!! Choosing favorites is sooo hard! (And yet I ask people to choose favorites all the time. *evil laughter* XD) Awwww, THANK YOU!!!!!! I’m so happy you love him!!!❤️


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    1. Thank you, Joy! ❤ Oh, I LOVE those songs!!! I sometimes just listen to "Let It Go" on repeat for hours. 😉 Awww, thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed them! ^_^

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  2. “I’ll Make a Man out of You ” – YES! That’s the only Disney song I’ll listen to, and Samuel Kim’s version has made it to my exercise playlist.

    Not meeting a writing goal is heartbreaking, in my opinion. But every word counts, and even if we type only 100 a day, we’ll get there. Eventually. *Throws confetti and initiates frantic applause* Congrats on the 23,000! How long are you anticipating your book to be?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Mulan is one of my all time favourite Disney movies. ❤ That is so cool you have it on an exercise playlist! I usually just read/listen to audiobooks while I exercise, but now I want to create a playlist of Disney songs. XD "I'll Make a Man Out of You" sounds like it would be such a fun one to exercise to. 😀

      Yeah, I was a little disappointed I couldn't reach my 50,000 goal, but yes, every word counts! Granted, there were some days I didn't exactly manage my time to the best I could so it's partly my fault, and partly life/lack of knowing what to write sometimes. D'awww, thank you, Madi!!! My total draft word count is sitting at 47,000 and I'm thinking it will end up being anywhere from 75,000 to 100,000 at THE most. Really hoping it's closer to that 75,000, not gonna lie. XD

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    2. AHHH, YES, “I’ll Make a Man out of You” is SOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!😀 My sisters and I love to sing to that song together! And listening to it while you exercise sounds like a GREAT idea!!!! I’m totally gonna have to do that!😉

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  3. THESE INTERVIEWS ARE SO FUNNN. *flails* You girls came up with the BEST questions. Disney, fairy tales, AND writing is basically my LIFE!!! 😀

    This was a treat seeing all your thoughts on these things, Katherine! Giselle 100% counts as a Disney princess YES. Love her so much! And Disney totally needs to make a The Princess and the Pea movie! I feel like they could do so many hilarious things with that fairy tale. Seriously, Disney, get on board!

    OOOOH. Your fairy tale WIP sounds so intriguing! I love stories that take elements from certain fairy tales but don’t necessarily retell them. Those are a ton of fun! And your current WIP sounds amazing too! You GOTTA love the forbidden love stories! *grins*

    Okay but I don’t think I realized there was a deleted Aladdin song either??? I MUST GO SEARCH IT. I adore the music from that movie! And, Jen, Flynn and Robert should DEFINITELY meet. They could complain all day about how weird princesses are and how everyone just keeps bursting into song. XD

    Thank you both so much for sharing these interviews! I adored reading them!

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    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH, CHRISTINE!!!!!!!!!!😀 I’m so glad you liked it!!!!! *grins* Same here!!!!!!😁

      THANK YOU!!!!!!! Hehe, YES, Giselle definitely counts as a Disney princess!😉 Ahh, me too!!!! She’s so fun! YES YES YES, Disney totally should!!!😀 They would do such a great job with it! I know, right?!! Yes, Disney, your fans want a The Princess and the Pea movie! XD

      EEEEE, THANK YOUUU!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for it that I can’t wait to write it!!! Ooh, me too!!! Ahh, yes, they are so much fun!! And simply including fairy tale elements works out for me ’cause I don’t always know how to retell the whole story. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! Hehe, yes, forbidden stories are so much fun!!!!!

      I don’t remember how I found out about Aladdin’s deleted song. (I think it just popped up on Youtube??) YES, GO SEARCH IT!!!!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! It’s SOOO AWESOME!!!!! Me too! All the songs from that movie are so beautiful!

      You’re welcome! Thank you so much for reading!!!!!! I’m so happy you enjoyed it!!!

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    2. D’awww! Thank you! I’m so happy you enjoyed our interviews! ^_^ And YES! Answers about Disney, fairy tales, and writing are like some of the most important things, you know? XD

      I would love to see a The Princess and the Pea movie too!

      Me either! Not until Katherine mentioned it. XD *cackles* YES! They would totally do that! Until THEY eventually burst into song about how annoying being a Disney guy is. XD (Though, Flynn didn’t seem to mind singing with Rapunzel in that lantern scene… XD)

      Thank you for reading them! <333

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  4. AHHH!!! I read the TWN part of the collab just a minute ago and your part, Jen, is JUST AS EPIC!!! This was such a fun post to read!
    *squeaks* YES. I knew about the deleted Aladdin song, but when I first found it, I almost died. O.O That one is TOTALLY up there with Speechless on my favorite Disney song list!!! Both of them are just AMAZING!!!!
    Also, YOU TOTALLY GOT THIS on your writing!!! Lemme tell ya, that’s waaaaaay better than I could ever do! XD Keep up the awesome job!!! *cheers and waves pom poms* XP

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    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed reading the collab posts, Victoria!!!!!!!!!!!😀😀
      Oh my goodness, Ikr?!!!!! “Desert Moon” is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! I would have gladly stayed in the theaters three minutes longer if it meant we could hear that song in the movie!!! WHY did Disney have to delete it????? XD

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    2. Awww! Thank you so much, Victoria! ❤ I'm so glad you enjoyed both!!!
      It is so gorgeous and really is right up there with Speechless! They both are so good!
      Thank you! <333 You are so sweet! What? No! I'm sure you could totally do it too! If you wanted to you could definitely do it!!! ^_^

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  5. Wow, awesome questions and amazing answers!! Those are all great songs! My favorite fairy tale it definitely Beauty and the Beast. I could listen to the soundtrack to that movies for hours! And keep trying to meet those goals Jen! You got this!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Trixie!!!!!😀 Yes, they’re amazing! Ooh, Beauty and the Beast is such an AWESOME fairy tale!!!!! I love its storyline so much! And the songs from the movie are amazing!!! The song “Belle (Bonjour)” and “Be Our Guest” are some of my favorites!!!

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Thank you, Trixie! ❤ Aren't they? Pretty much all of those songs are my favourites too! Beauty and the Beast is such a great fairy tale, and so much yes! The soundtrack to both the animated movies and the live-action movie are soooo good. Awww! Thank you so much! <333

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    1. Hi, Corrie! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Robert is from the movie Enchanted, he’s the one who helps Giselle when she finds herself lost in New York. And he’s not too thrilled with all of her spontaneous singing and dancing. XD


    1. Aww!!!! Hehe, YES, Disney needs to do a Princess and the Pea movie!!!!!! It would be so FANTASTIC!!!!!!! 😀 I know, all the fun twists on the tale that Disney could do!!! 😀 *calls Disney to get them to make the movie* XDD

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Haha, YES!!!😂 I can totally see the princess’ hair like Anna’s. It would be so fitting of the princess!!! Yes yes yes, the music would be fantastic!!!!! 😀 Maybe the princess would have a song about how she can’t sleep?! XDD

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  6. I enjoyed this so much! What a cool idea to have categories and you ask questions related to them. I love Katherine’s answers to all of your questions! She mentioned two of my favourite Disney princesses! I had no idea her mother wrote a book!! O_O And it’s cool that she seems to be obsessed with Cinderella! I love both Disney versions of her and I love her story too of course. It may be overrated, but the message of being kind and gentle despite the darkness of her situation is one that I will just adore forever. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yay! I’m so glad! Thanks, it was really fun to do it that way. 😀 Awesome!! I didn’t know either! O_O I love Cinderella too, both Disney versions. ^_^ I love that message and I don’t think it’s overrated. <333

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Yay, I’m SO glad you enjoyed this, Ribbon Ash!!!!!!! 😀 Aw, I’m happy to hear you love my answers!!!! <333 Oooh, that's so cool!!!!!! Which two princesses were they?
      That's AWESOME that you love Disney's Cinderella movies!!!!!!! *high-fives* Same here, girl!❤️

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