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Still Alive! + Recaps and Updates

Still Alive! + Recaps and Updates

I have returned! It is I, Jen of Midgard, and I am burdened with with glorious purpose.

Okay, I couldn’t resist my references. XD I also didn’t realize my hiatus would last over a month. Heh. I have quite a lot to catch you all up on, and how is the year almost half over, (O.o wut?? how??) so let’s get crackin’!

First things first, how did I do on April Camp? Well, a full month of KDWC was so wonderful! I made so many new friends and got to know other friends better. ❤ For the writing part of Camp, I had to change my goal of 50,000 to 30,000 half-way through because it just wasn’t happening. I’m a little sad I didn’t make the 50,000 but I am excited to say not only did I reach 30,000 but I even surpassed it a smidge! My total being 33,206! I wrote 10 more chapters into Roses, Thorns, and Curses, uncovered that a certain character had a sibling (possibly more than one) brought in a wood nymph (she technically came in back in January but, eh, details) and a Fae-folk who have powers apparently inspired by the Lunar Chronicles Glamor. *shrugs and grins*

Snippet time! (Please note, these are unedited pieces written under a caffeine driven and sleep-deprived state. XD) I’m also reaching the spot of my story where it’s hard to find snippets to share without feeling like each one is a giant spoiler. o.o

Zel turned her gaze away. A single tear slipped down her cheek before she straightened and looked him in the eye. “You’re right. I have to stay. But you are going to get my brother out of here or I will… I will never forgive you.” Her lips trembled despite her trying to be strong. “Now get going, Sorren doesn’t have much time. The plan is still the same, the Corridors, but I won’t be there.” She let her tears fall. “You have to promise me you will make him leave. Promise me you will make my brother leave.”
Ergamund gently wiped her tears away, her hair now flowed freely down her back. He kissed her forehead. “I promise,” he murmured against her skin. “You should go before someone sees.”
“Oh, it’s too late for that.”
Zel screamed.

“Alright, young lady, you’re to do exactly as I say and not go around enslaving everyone you see, understand.” It wasn’t a question.
She crossed her arms over her motley covered chest and huffed. “Fine, but can’t I just have one new pet? Just until we leave the city?”
“No. And you’re going to have to change into something less conspicuous.”
The girl rolled her eyes and muttered something about a tree being completely inconspicuous. She continued muttering as her form shifted from a girl in a motley outfit, to a young woman in hunting garb, complete with bow and arrows and knives situated about her person. She planted a hand on her cocked hip and used her other hand to gesture at her body. “Better, Nymph?”
“Your attitude still leaves something to be desired.”
She grinned. “Well, can’t be pleasin’ everyone, now can I?”

She made a noise between a laugh and a sob. “I know you. You’re my sister. I know you. Why don’t I remember you?”

“You know who you are, no matter how much you try to deny it. You’ve always known, Maelle.” He shrugged. “It’s my curse to see others for what they are, and yet who I am has always been hidden from me, denied to me. Everyone is running from who they are, not knowing what a gift it is to know who you are. Knowledge is power, Maelle, to deny that knowledge is to deny its power. And you were never one to run from a fight.”

Sorren didn’t really expect an answer, especially since he wouldn’t have understood it, but nonetheless, Feyden gave him one by stopping up so short, Sorren’s forehead smacked right into the back of Feyden’s head.

My total draft is almost 70,000 words now… and I have no clue if the end is in sight or I have another 40,000-ish to go. I have an idea of where I want the story to end, but now I’m not sure. And most of my stories turn into behemoth-sized novels ranging between 75,000 to 120,000 words… I’m not sure I’ll know the end until The End smacks me upside the head. XD But, oh, I’m loving delving into this story AND I am getting delicious ideas for book 2 that will eventually lead me back to More Than a Dream! *happy dance* It would be so wonderful if I can finish RTC and its sequel in time to return to MTD by November. ^_^

I did a new thing! There’s a challenge going on right now called Spring 100 where you have to walk 100 miles during the duration of spring. And I’m at 153 as of writing this. 😀 I did finish, but want to see how many miles I can get before it ends. My original goal was to do a double Spring 100 and go for 200 miles, but with less than 2 weeks to go, I decided my time could be better spent doing all the other things I’m about to update y’all on instead of walking 2+ hours a day.

And I have really wonderful news. For the longest time I’ve been wanting to join a Writing Program/Course but everything I looked at was either waaaay out of my measly price-range or didn’t seem to be a good fit for me… until I came across The Young Writer’s Workshop or YWW (also known as YDubs). The more I looked into it, the more I talked with friends who were in it, the more I realized it was the one for me. Not only does this program have a giant library of lessons on all parts of the writing journey (publishing, lack of motivation, how to write a book proposal, and so, so much more) and a score of interviews with and lessons by published writers, agents, publishers (K.M Weiland, Jaye L. Knight, Andrew Peterson, Bryan Davis(?), etc…) but they also have a community where you can talk with your instructors, ask them questions, talk with other students, give and get feedback, and there’s just so much… I’m really rambling now and just gushing, but this program is so amazing. I am so blessed to be part of it and it truly is a gift from God that I was able to join.

I’ve also joined Go Teen Writer’s 100 for 100 Challenge! And so far, I’ve written over 2,000 words and haven’t missed a day. It’s really helping me stay consistent with my writing and I’m excited to see if I can stick with it for all 100 days. *grins*

Speaking of writing… CAMP STARTS IN 2 WEEKS!!! *screams with joy and apprehension* Can you believe it’s almost July? Where has the year gone??? It seemed like the year that shall not be mentioned lasted forrrevva, and yet this year is just whooshing. *shrugs* Aaanywaay, I am SUPER excited for Camp, especially The King’s Daughters Writing Camp that I attended for April. So, if you’re a girl and a writer and reading this blog post I would LOVE to see you at KDWC!!! We already have 50+ girls/young women/adult women attending, but would love, love, love to have more come join the fun! KDWC is pretty much exactly like NaNo, except it’s run on Slack (which is pretty much like Discord or Google Chats). There’s no time requirement and you can set your own goal. If you can’t tell already, I would be so ecstatic and thrilled and just soooo excited if any of my dear online friends would come be a writing buddy with me on there. ^_^ We have so much fun and have girls ranging in age from preteen to 30+, so age isn’t a problem! …I think I’m beginning to sound like a salesman, so I’ll stop here. XD but seriously, I would be over the moon happy if you told me you were joining. ^_^

And wowza! This post is long!! O_O I thiiink I’ll wrap it up now before I burn your eyeballs with all this text, my word. XD I am so excited to be back blogging! I’ve missed all of you so much!! *group hug* ^_^

How have you been?!?! I seriously can’t believe how long I’ve been gone. I want to hear about all the things! Are you doing anything fun? Do you have exciting Summer plans? If you’re on YDubs come say hi! Just look up Jenavieve Rose. ;D Are you going to do July Camp, NaNo or KDWC? I have missed you guys! Come talk to meeeee!!

Let’s Chat! 😀


18 thoughts on “Still Alive! + Recaps and Updates”

  1. *frantically waving and throwing confetti* You’re back!!!!

    Wowzers, you’ve been busy! Congratulations on all the writing progress you’ve made (trying to keep myself from becoming green with envy). I love the snippets! You simply must finish this book so I can read it. I totally get all your writing projects turning into monstrosities. I have some (okay, a lot) like that.

    NaNo. A bane to my existence, yet the thing that keeps me writing. *sigh* I’m in a two-month NaNo, I guess. Trying to reach 80,000 in two months so I can get my Norse Mythology-WWII-Oregon Trail mix of a book sent off to a potential publisher before September. We’ll see if it happens.

    K.M. Weiland has some amazing writing tips on her website. I’ve never read anything by Andrew Peterson, and I’m not fond of Bryan Davis’ books, but Jaye L. Knight’s are the BEST. Sounds like this will really be worth the cost! And this KDWC intrigues me. I might look more into it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    Welcome back, Jen. May the writing force be with you.

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    1. *glomps you and dances in confetti* Awww!!! Thank you so much for this lovely welcome back!!!

      Just a bit. XD Thank you so much!!! (Awww, *hugs* I’ll tell you a secret, until I wrote this post, I felt like I hadn’t accomplished a whole lot, I still kinda don’t. But even if all we can manage is to write 5 words, that is still an accomplishment worth celebrating. I’m cheering you on, dear Madi! <3) I am so thrilled you loved the snippets! ^_^ D'awww! That means so much to me. I'm trying to wrangle this monstrosity in so I can finish it. XD Lol, monstrosity writers for the win! *high-fives*

      NaNo's a finicky little beast, isn't it? Oh, wow! A two-month NaNo sounds cool! 80,000 is an awesome goal, I hope you get it! *gasp* A Norse Mythology-WWII-Oregon Trail mix sounds AMAZING! And oooh! You're sending it to a publisher? How awesome! I hope all goes well!

      I adore her website! Andrew Peterson wrote The Wingfeather Saga series, which is amazing and I 10/10 recommend. ;p I haven't read anything by Bryan Davis but knew he was pretty well known. There are so many interviews and lessons on there, those were the only ones off the top of my head to list. XD I really, really want to read Jaye L. Knight's books so bad! I also love that they are a Christian founded program. *squeals* I'm so glad! No pressure at all if you don't end up joining, but I so hope you do! ^_^ You are so welcome! Oh! And there's no deadline for signups, we've had girls show up on the last day of Camp before, the only reason to sign up early is to spend more time with the other KDWC members and have fun. *grins*

      Thank you so much! Haha! I love that! May the writing force be with you also. ❤

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  2. YOU’RE BACK! YOU’RE BACK! YOU’RE BAAACK!!! *tackle-glomps you* It’s SO good to hear from you! But I’m proud of you for taking a hiatus and prioritizing other things. That’s so, so important. ❤

    (Also the Loki reference made. my. day.)

    Still SOOOO proud of you for writing over 30k words in April! SO MANY WORDS. You did amazing, girl! And that is so wonderful KDWC has been such a blessing for you!

    AND AWK. DESE SNIPPETSSSS. Oh man. I can tell there are some SERIOUS feels going on. o.o But the humor too! The second snippet had my cackling. “Your attitude still leaves something to be desired.” LOLZ. Love it so much! These are such dynamic characters!!! I'm so excited writing it has gone well. And you're now 70k words in? :O JEN. YOU'VE MADE SO MUCH PROGRESS. You are going to be done with this epic thing before you know it! YOU'VE GOT THIS! *waves pompoms*

    Oh my goodness gracious, you walked 153 miles during spring??? :O WHOA. YOU GO, GIRL! I, er, do not get out walking much at all… I am so in awe at your for doing such an epic challenge and SURPASSING it by leaps and bounds! You are a true inspiration!

    Oooh, I've heard of YWW! I know it's been a huge blessing to so many. That is THRILLING you joined and it's just what you needed! Awww, girl! I'm so insanely happy for you!

    AND you're doing GTW's 100-for-100 challenge? JEN. YOU ARE ON FIRE!!!

    You are doing amaziiiiing!!! I'm so glad you've found such lovely things to join and have made such great progress on so many different things. This whole post just made me happy! It's wonderful getting an update! I do hope the rest of June proves to be an absolutely lovely month for you! ❤

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    1. YES!!! I’m back!!!! (And finally back to answer comments, lol.) *glomps you* I am so, so ecstatic to be back!!! Awww, thank you! That means so much to me. ❤

      (XD I couldn't resist.)

      Thank you girl! I hope your editing went wonderfully!!! <333 KDWC as indeed been such a blessing. ^_^

      D'awww!! Thank you! Awww, this makes me so happy, you have no idea!! ^_^ I'm excited for where this story is going! *grins* Thank you so much!!!

      I did! Treadmills are SUCH a blessing. I don't like walking in hot, humid, icky, or any of those undesirable weather conditions, lolz. But thank you so much!!

      Thank you!!! It has been a huge blessing for me. I'm excited to see where it takes my writing journey. ^_^

      *bows and dunks fingers in ice water* Haha, thanks! It's so crazy what's been going on, it feels like I'm not doing a whole lot and yet I'm seeing such progress… it's amazing! ^_^

      Thank you so much!!!! The past few months have brought such blessings in them. ^_^ Thank you! June was lovely and July looks like it's going to be just as wonderful! I hope your July proves amazing! ❤


  3. I’m glad your back! Sounds like you had a good hiatus! I don’t really have too many plans for this summer except have fun because I know I’m gonna be really busy next school year and it’s always nice to be carefree, and summer is a good time to be carefree 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Trixie!!! ❤ I did have a good hiatus! 😀 Having fun is the best plan! 😉 I hope you have the best carefree and fun summer ever! ❤

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  4. YAY, I’m happy to hear you’re still alive!!!!!!😄😉 I’ve missed you, girl!!!!!!!❤️ *hugs* CONGRATS on all you have accomplished for Roses, Thorns, and Curses!!!!!!!!🎉 I CAN’T WAIT TO READ THAT BOOK ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀 AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOVVEEE ALL THE SNIPPETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I especially like the last two!!!!!! Also, that’s so cool that you’re doing the Go Teen Writers 100-for-100 writing challenge!!!!!!!!!! I’m doing that challenge too! I’ve enjoyed working on my novel, but I’m also hitting a creative slump and having a hard time making myself write. So, I guess we shall see how I make it through this challenge! XD

    Ooh, that’s awesome that you’re on YDubs now!!!!!! 😀 I’ve heard a lot of great things about it!!!! And their Crazy Writing Week is always so much fun!!!!!!
    Wishing you blessings!!!❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha! Thanks! *grins* Awww, I’ve missed you too!!! ❤ *hugs* Thank you so, so much!!!! I can't wait to get it out for reading! 😀 D'awww! Thank you so much, girl! <333 Awesome! I hope the challenge is going great for you! ^_^ Aw! I hope you can get out of your slump soon! I'm so glad you're enjoying working on your novel, though! ❤

      Thanks! 😀 It's been amazing being on there! And yes! Their Crazy Writing Week was so much fun!!!
      Blessings to you too, Katherine! ❤

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  5. *bows* Many welcomes back, Jen of Midgard.

    WOW, you’re on FIRE with writing! Congratulations! (Your snippets! 😍) And ooh, you’re doing the 100-for-100? Sweet! I did it two summers ago and didn’t finish, but I’m giving it a shot again this year! And I am SO EXCITED to be in the YDubs Community together!! ❤️

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    1. *gives a regal wave* Thank you, thank you. XD

      Thank you SO much!!! (D’awww! <333) Awesome! I hope the challenge is going wonderfully for you!! Eeeeep!!! Me too!!!! ❤ Being a YDubber has been amazing!!! 😀

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  6. Welcome back!! Nice to see you here again. 🙂
    Oh, wow, as always Roses, Thorns and Curses sounds so amazing and hilarious. I love those snippets! ❤ ❤ ❤ Even though the first snippet confused me so much at the end. XD
    You have done so much progress with your writing!!! Being at 70, 000 words is just amazing. I'm still at 17, 000 words with my own novel for reasons I won't get into here.
    Also I'm so glad you found a place where there are amazing resources, you are able to afford the cost, and have such an incredible community there!!! That's such a blessing. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! ❤ It's so nice to be back!
      D'awww!!! Thank you so much!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Oh? Haha, whoops… I think I can see how it confused you. I'll definitely have to catch that in the editing stage. XD
      It is amazing! Sometimes I can't believe I'm close to being done with it. O.O Aww! I'm sorry you've been having writing trouble! (At least, that's what it sounds like?) I'm sure things will get better soon! Praying for you, dear girl! ❤
      Me too! Thank you so much!!! It really is such a tremendous blessing! ^_^

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