TCKs for Christ Blog Tour

TCKs for Christ is a website ministry that strives to serve, encourage, and challenge teenage Christian third culture kids and young adult TCKs. These include missionary kids, business kids, cross-cultural kids, mixed-cultural kids, diplomat kids, etc. The TCK life has its struggles and challenges, and TCKs for Christ desires to encourage a TCK in truth...


Escaping the Blogosphere – Stop #8

(For those who don't know, Teen Writers' Nook is hosting a virtual scavenger hunt and my blog is the next stop! 🙂 If you're just now hearing of it and would like to join, head here for the beginning of the hunt. There's also a virtual giveaway going on, to enter you have to comment… Continue reading Escaping the Blogosphere – Stop #8


Special Announcement!

Photo by Garrett Morrow on Pexels.com Hello! I'm here with an extra post to announce something very special! (Cue the title. XP) Who here loves Minecraft? Do you like watching YouTube? How about some random computer games? If you answered yes to any of that, then you'll like what I have to say. My little… Continue reading Special Announcement!

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Muses, Ramblings, and other Randomness

Okay, soooo... I got nothin'. I wanted to post Allison Tebo's Disney Prince Tag, but I'm still having trouble deciding which male characters go in each category, especially after I did get it all written down but my page crashed or something and I lost who I had put down and my faulty memory promptly… Continue reading Muses, Ramblings, and other Randomness