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Okay, soooo… I got nothin’.

I wanted to post Allison Tebo’s Disney Prince Tag, but I’m still having trouble deciding which male characters go in each category, especially after I did get it all written down but my page crashed or something and I lost who I had put down and my faulty memory promptly forgot some of the characters I’d picked… Le dramatic sigh… Anywho, I’m not here to make you feel bad for me, though, maybe, possibly, a sympathy cookie would be kinda nice. I kid! 😉

Ahem, as I was saying, because I was going somewhere with this, I had a point, and… I just realized I’m using a lot of commas.

“You’re stalling.”

Who said that?

“It’s me, Dylan. How could you not recognize my voice? I am, after all, your very favorite character, who also pulls double duty as your illustrious muse, which sadly is a thankless job. Whoever’s reading this, feel free to feel bad for me. (Just to clarify, I’m from a different story than the Cinderella retelling from a few posts ago, although there is a high chance I can work myself in there too.)”

Oh, huh, no wonder I’m having trouble with my post right now, you’re not doing your job. How’d you get here anyway? And really? A ‘thankless job’? *scoffs* You’ve seemed to forgotten that the thanking comes after the doing. And you sure are talking different than you do in your story, what’s up?

“My little secret. And yes, really. How can I give you ideas when you’ve been so busy you barely got any writing done last week, and then when I do give you an idea, you complain about it. And I will talk however I deign to talk, thank you very much.”

If you wouldn’t wait until I’m trying to sleep I’d be more grateful, oh illustrious one.

“Moving on. I’m here because if your readers are going to get to know you and want to read your future books, that have yet to be written yet, just so y’all know—”

You used ‘yet’ twice, Dylan. And is there a point to all this? Because there really needs to be a point to all this.

“Well, I’m the muse, not the writer. You’re supposed to catch my grammar mistakes. And you interrupted. Rude.”

*sigh* Sorry. I guess I’ll leave the post to you and take the day off since I plan on joining The Hobbiton Tag tomorrow. Okay, you’ve got the floor, Dylan. (I apologize beforehand for any embarrassing things Dylan might say. That boy really has a mind of his own, which is a conundrum because he lives inside mine.)

“Thank you. Now run along, Jenavieve, I’ve got it from here.”

That’s what I’m worried about.

“Tsk, tsk, such lack of faith in me. I’m hurt to my very core. You cut me to the quick, Madam. You… Aaaand, she’s gone. Okay, now for a proper introduction:

Picture courtesy of Pinterest
(Edited: Hello, Hunters! You’ve figured out the clue! Here’s the next stop. 🙂 )

Hello, people of Internet Land! I offer you all a virtual handshake and a hearty welcome to my Jenavieve’s fair Domain. I’m Dylan… uh… yeah, Jen has yet to give me a last name, so we’ll just go with Dylan.”

*Jen pokes her head back into the room* You’re my muse, you should know your own last name!

“If you would spend time on my story I might know my last name!”


“Well, sorry about that interruption. where were we? Oh, riiight, talking about myself. See, I’m not the best at that and it’s not my favorite thing for reasons I don’t want to share. Oh! I know, we can talk about Ameira. Who is Ameira you ask? She’s this aggravating girl I just met whom I’m forced to travel across all Storydom with. What’s Storydom you ask? Well, that’s what we call *blurs out Dylan’s words because of spoilers, ;p* and that is Storydom. Fairly simple really. Now back to Ameira. She’s the new girl. We both work in the Library. It’s a library in your world but because of its access to Storydom, The Great Author had the Author set up a group known as the Keepers. And that’s what Ameira and I am, well, I am a Keeper, Ameira wasn’t even fully initiated yet before she transported herself right into the middle of hostile territory. If she’d just listened to Madam Regis we wouldn’t even be in this mess. And get this, she only reads mysteries, nothing else! How can you only read a single genre when there are SO many others? Like fantasy, sci-fi, I really like sci-fi, and all those different ‘-punk’ genres, and—”

Dylan, everyone is entitled to their own tastes and preferences, even if we don’t particularly like or understand them. And you really shouldn’t judge her, especially since you do not know why she only reads mysteries.

“Fine, you’re right, okay. But still, how dull life must be to only be viewed through a single window.”

*Jen sends Dylan a pointed look*

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop now. So… not sure what to talk about now. Y’all’ve got the gist of Ameira. I don’t want to talk about me, partially because Jen told me I’m too much of a spoiler, not sure how, but I guess I should take that as a compliment. The little word counter says this post is over eight hundred words, how long are blog posts supposed to be anyway?”

Don’t ask me, you’re the one who wanted to take over this post. If it’s too long or short, that’s your problem.

“Rude. Hmm… how to end this post? Oh, I know! Ask me any question you like! Then I shall force Jen to answer them, unless I feel inclined to answer, and she can finally figure out some things about me. I mean, sheesh, I am her muse after all, she should know far more about me than she actually does. Well, cheerio, farewell, adieu, allvidasaye, and all those other goodbyes. Now I’m serious, ask away!”

*Face-palms* Well, hopefully Dylan entertained someone with this. At least he mostly behaved, he can get quite passionate about books. Now, about the questions—

“No take backs! They are allowed to ask questions. For example: What’s my last name? How old am I? When did I become a Keeper? Do I have a Keyblade? Am I an only child, or do I have siblings, or do I even have parents? The possibilities are endless! Bonus points if you do two questions at once! Now, I’m off, I have a mission-quest-thing to take care of.”

Dylan! You already ended your part of the post, quit taking over mine. And what’s that about a Keyblade? Did you figure out how to Jump further than Storydom? Dylan? Dylan!? Of course you won’t answer me now… *sigh* As I was saying, just please keep the questions within reason, and I will try to answer them, as long as they won’t be spoilers. Man, I use a lot of commas…


13 thoughts on “Muses, Ramblings, and other Randomness”

  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry you lost your picks for the tag. D: That is the WORST. Buuuuut also THIS POST!!!!! Oh my goodness, Dylan sounds like a riot! XDDD This was a TREAT meeting one of your characters, who also doubles as your muse. How fun! And okay but what little we got to learn of the story IT. SOUNDS. EPIC. The Library and Storydom and Keeper and just AAAAHHHHHH!!! It sounds soooo spectacular and up my alley!

    I will absolutely ask some questions about Dylan! 😀

    How old IS he, and DOES he have parents??? *grins* What’s YOUR favorite thing about him, Jen? What’s his favorite color? (It has to be asked. ;D) And because I gotta be cruel and throw a hard one in: What’s his biggest fear and greatest goal?

    This was seriously a blast! Thank you for popping in Dylan!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AAAAAAHHHHH!!! Your comment has literally made my day! I can’t stop grinning! XD I may be able to share more about the story in time, right now what little I know just feels very spoilery.

      Hmm, Dylan has informed me he’s twenty-three, and no, he doesn’t have parents but he’s not an orphan, which greatly puzzles me… As for my favorite thing about him, it would have to be his noble character. He may find Ameira aggravating but he makes it his duty to ensure she gets out of whatever mess she gets herself into, even if it costs him an arrow in the arm for his troubles. He is a true gentleman.

      *Dylan takes over* Hello, Christine! It’s a pleasure to meet you and I am very pleased that you enjoyed my post. I decided I would answer the rest of your wonderful questions, so here we go.

      My favorite color is light teal, and yes, Jen was a big influencer on that, she tends to rub off on me while I seem to merely rub her the wrong way most of the time. XD Hmm… you are cruel to ask such a thing, just kidding! My biggest fear is that I will fail the one I care most about and cause the end of the world as I know it. I know that sounds dramatic but my line of work comes with a high price and a great deal at stake. My greatest goal is to help the Author do all that The Great Author has required of her and keep Storydom safe. And since you asked two questions in one, your bonus points give you a freebie answer: My second greatest goal is to one day write my own stories.

      This was fun! I should take over Jen’s blog more often!

      *Jen again* Huh, I didn’t know most of that before. *grins* Thanks for the questions, Christine!!!


      1. D’AWWWW! Well this whole post made MY day, so we’re even! ;D

        Oh wow. Now I am DEEPLY curious about how Dylan exists without parents but not being an orphan. Quite the enigma, isn’t it? I love it! Hehe. He sounds so funnnn!!!

        Hi, Dylan, thanks for answering my questions! Goodness, sounds like you’ve got…a lot on your plate. o.o All the best to you there! And you should DEFINITELY take over Jen’s blog more. *cackles*

        Liked by 1 person

        1. ^_^ He is definitely a handful! Hopefully he’ll explain himself soon.

          *Dylan here* You are most welcome! Thank YOU for making Jen figure out some things on her own, I mean, yes I’m her muse, but she also has to put in some hard work herself, don’t you think? And thank you for your well-wishes! My lot is a hard one, but I do my best. I may just make a habit of appearing on here, and I might be able to coerce some of my fellow characters into joining me. ;D


    1. *bows* Thanks! *squeals as Dylan shoves me*

      “Dylan, here! Thank you ever so much, Tara, for reading my post! If you have any questions, I’d be delighted to answer them! Someone,” *glares at Jen* “has yet to allow be back on and I’m dying for some contact with the outside world.”

      Dylan! *snatches keyboard back* *sigh* Sorry about that, he’s a handful! XD Only ask questions if you want to! ;D

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hehe, this was so much fun to read!!!!!!!!! I hope you don’t mind late comments. If it’s alright, I would like to ask Dylan some questions.
    Dylan, how long have you known Jen? Are you good at climbing things? What is your favorite dessert? Can you speak more than one language?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww, thank you so much! Not at all!! Comment on whatever post you want! I love getting comments on old posts. 😁 Oh, fun! He’d love to answer some more questions!

      “Hello Katherine! I’m so delighted to make your acquaintance. Those are some great questions! Hmmm, how long have I know Jen? Well, I’ve known her her whole life, though she didn’t meet me until almost a year ago. I was quite a forlorn little soul, being her muse and all without her even knowing it. 😉 Ah, climbing. I’m good at it, but I don’t love doing it because I am usually climbing in a dangerous situation with no safety gear. Chocolate chip blondies are delicious and will quickly win any argument against me, I also love most anything mint. I can speak several languages, yes, some of which don’t exist in your world. Some of the ones you would recognize are Spanish, French, German, of course English, Japanese, and Italian, and several more, but I’ll stop here. Thank you so much, Miss Katherine, for asking me more questions. I greatly enjoyed answering them! 😀”

      I hope you enjoyed his answers! Thanks so much for asking questions! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you!!!!! I love getting comments on old posts too!!

        Hi, Dylan!!!! I’m delighted to make your acquaintance too!!!!!!😀 That is all so cool!!!!!!! Be careful when you’re climbing though. 😉 Yes yes yes!!!!!!! I LOVE blondies!!!!!!!!! They are one of the best things ever!!!!!!! Mmm, anything mint is also so good!!!! WOW!!!!!! You can speak more languages than I thought you could!!!!!!!! THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwww, I’m a “miss Katherine” now?! 😊 I am literally grinning so hard right now!!!!!!!! Thank you so so much for answering my questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed reading them!!!😃

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Dylan would like to apologize for not realizing he didn’t reply to this comment. 😉 (But seriously, I’m so sorry, I really thought I’d already replied. *facepalm*)

          “Hello again, Katherine! I’m truly sorry I haven’t responded back, *squints at Jen* I believe that’s my author’s fault, but anyway. I’m so glad you enjoyed my answers to your questions, you asked some really good ones! 😉 Be careful indeed, like I said, I generally climb when I’m in danger, but I am very careful when I climb for fun. 😉 Haha, yes they are! *high-fives* Mint is not only delicious, but it also keeps your breath nice and fresh. *grins despite Jen’s eye-roll* Well, when you live in a library you tend to have a lot of time on your hands, and I tend to pick up the language of whatever country Jen is currently researching, but thank you so much. *beams and bows* I am so pleased to have caused such a beautiful grin. 😉 You are most welcome! I enjoyed making Jen answer them. XD”

          Liked by 1 person

          1. It is perfectly alright. No worries. To be honest, I forgot about this comment too.😉

            Hi, Dylan!!! It’s alright. Thank you!!!😁 I’m glad to hear that you are careful when you climb! Haha, yes, mint is very useful that way!!!! Oooh, that is so cool!!!! I wish I could speak another language.
            Awwwww!😊 Thank you!!!!!! You’re a totally awesome character, Dylan!

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