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A KDWC Short Story Snippet

I can't believe camp is over. O.o Well, officially. We get to stay another week before we're kicked out. XD My goal was to finish editing the story I'm submitting to their Hope collection and find beta readers and *throws confetti* I did both! I also sent out my Hope story to betas today!!! ^_^… Continue reading A KDWC Short Story Snippet

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Muses, Ramblings, and other Randomness

Okay, soooo... I got nothin'. I wanted to post Allison Tebo's Disney Prince Tag, but I'm still having trouble deciding which male characters go in each category, especially after I did get it all written down but my page crashed or something and I lost who I had put down and my faulty memory promptly… Continue reading Muses, Ramblings, and other Randomness