A Tolkien Blog Party 2020 Tag Questions

Hello again. Yes, I know I've already posted twice this week, buuut, I just can't seem to help jumping on the Tolkien Tags Bandwagon. I found this one over at Allison's Well, (She has a lovely blog by the way, go check it out, *cackles while shoving you in her direction*) You should also go… Continue reading A Tolkien Blog Party 2020 Tag Questions


#AboutTheAuthor August Tag

Technically this is a #bookstagram challenge, created by Jameson @ Lovely Whatsoevers, but Christine Smith did the whole thing as a blog post, so I'll do that too! 1. Introduce yourself! Hi, I'm Jen. I'm a Christian writer of Young Adult fiction. My stories are about finding hope amidst the darkness. 2. Tell us about… Continue reading #AboutTheAuthor August Tag