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Fairy Tale Central Tag 2020

Hello, hello! So sorry about the late post today. *grimaces* I had a bit of techy troubles today. Now that we're here, I had so much fun doing Fairy Tale Central's last tag that I wanted to do their first one. 😀 Tag Info We’ve compiled ten fairy tale-centric questions which you can then take,… Continue reading Fairy Tale Central Tag 2020

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Fairytale Read-Along: March 2021 + A Writing Update

Over at the fabulous Fairy Tale Central, the FTC godmothers have picked an absolutely scrumptious fairy tale for this month. After reading through it, I believe I've read it before? Or maybe just read a similar fairy tale? Anywho, it really is a beautiful tale and while reading it I kept having these thoughts about… Continue reading Fairytale Read-Along: March 2021 + A Writing Update

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February is Fantasy Month Tag

Hello! Today I'm finally here with Jenelle Schmidt's February is Fantasy Month tag! Also, Happy National Tell a Fairy Tale Day! Check out Fairy Tale Central for some fun games to play! (The giveaway is over, but the games were SO much fun!) And Brittany Fichter is hosting a HUGE party on her blog too,… Continue reading February is Fantasy Month Tag

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The “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” Fairy Tale Tag – Hosted by Fairy Tale Central

Hi again! I know I've been posting a lot lately, don't worry, things will calm down soon and I will hopefully be back to one post a week. I want to thank all my dear readers for putting up with my blog explosion, y'all are the best! ❤ Fairy Tale Central is hosting a month… Continue reading The “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” Fairy Tale Tag – Hosted by Fairy Tale Central

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Know the Novel Part 3 – Featuring Part 1

After weeks of silence I am back from my unintentional hiatus! Even though I’ve missed blogging, I am really glad my hiatus happened but I am pumped to get back in business! Before we get into today’s post, I’d like to mention that I’ve done quite a bit of housekeeping around my blog so if… Continue reading Know the Novel Part 3 – Featuring Part 1

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Fairytale Read-Along: September 2020

Over at Fairy Tale Central they feature a fairytale every month, ranging from the most well known, to more obscure ones. And this month's is an obscure Russian fairytale that I've never heard of, although I have heard of the witch that lurks within... The tale is called Vassilisa the Beautiful. Fairy Tale Central If… Continue reading Fairytale Read-Along: September 2020