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The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp!

Graphic by Cat Thompson ~ Unofficial KDWC Street Team Graphics Team Member

I absolutely love KDWC! I love it so much I started (and lead) the Unofficial Street Team just so I could recruit more girls from Camp to help me spread the word. XD Below are just a few reasons why you should join Camp along with answers to questions I commonly get asked, and some testimonials from happy campers! I would LOVE it if you joined this upcoming Camp session!!!

Graphic by Kenzie ~ Unofficial KDWC Street Team Graphics Team Member

Are you a writer who loves getting together with a group of likeminded writers? Are you a Christian lady who yearns for the encouragement and camaraderie from fellow Christian ladies? Then you should check out The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp!

Graphic by Cat Thompson ~ Unofficial KDWC Street Team Graphics Team Member

Do you enjoy setting a goal for NaNoWriMo? KDWC is a wonderful companion or alternative to NaNo plus KDWC has a few more camps during the year than NaNo does. There are even week-long camps you can join if you don’t have time to join a month-long camp or just want to test out KDWC to see if you want to join the longer camps.

Joining KDWC is completely FREE! All you have to do is sign up and then either open Slack through your internet browser or download their app. It’s that simple. And if you feel lost or overwhelmed among all the spaces feel free to tag me (@JenRose) or any of our lovely Aunties for help.

Not sure which tent you want to be in? Feel free to put me down as the friend you want to be tent-mates with! Or you can pick random and be pleasantly surprised with where you end up.

Graphic by Mountain Peak Edits & Design ~ Unofficial KDWC Street Team Graphics Team Member

Are you unsure if you have time to participate? That’s not a problem! KDWC has zero commitments and the only requirements are you have to have some sort of writing goal (even if it’s just figuring out what story you want to work on next) and to follow the Camp Rules. 🙂

Camp sign-ups are open from October 18th (TODAY!!!) and remain open until the last week of Camp. Camp’s virtual gates open October 25th!

We’re also announcing KDWC’s brand new website! On the site you can see the Camp Schedule for upcoming camps, check out the blog, read testimonials from happy campers, find writing resources, and sign up for KDWC’s newsletter to always stay in the loop! There’s even a special space with information for KDWC Alumni only! You can contact the Admin Aunties if you have any questions or concerns. 😀

Graphic by Kenzie ~ Unofficial KDWC Street Team Graphics Team Member

This camp proved to be such a blessing to me. From the very second I joined, I was enfolded into the group with such warmth and friendliness. The life of a writer should never be a lone venture, and this beautiful camp is a true haven for Christian girls seeking a likeminded writing community. Having so many precious ladies encouraging one another filled my creativity bucket to overflowing and not only helped me reach my writing goal, but made it 100x more FUN. If you’re looking for an organized, loving, supportive community to set wind to your creative sails, I can’t recommend the KDWC more!

Christine Smith
Graphic by Cat Thompson ~ Unofficial KDWC Street Team Graphics Team Member
Graphic by Cat Thompson ~ Unofficial KDWC Street Team Graphics Team Member

I would love to see you at Camp! Feel free to comment any further questions you may have, I’d be more than happy to answer them! And keep on the lookout across the blogosphere, our team has more posts coming your way!

Comment below and let’s chat! 😀

8 thoughts on “The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp!”

  1. This sounds super cool. I like that it’s more focused on your own goals, versus a specific word count that everyone is shooting for. I love the idea of Nano, but I have come to discover that I am almost never at a point in my writing where I’m STARTING a book in November. Nov tends to be my editing month. LOL Thanks for sharing about this!


    1. Exactly! It’s a lovely camp, and I’ve been able to get a lot of editing done for it too. You can even set so many pages as your camp goal, which you can use for editing!


  2. Oooh, this sounds so exciting, Jen!!!! 😀 I had been wondering if KDWC had camp during November. I’ve been wanting to join but hadn’t been able to before. Maybe I’ll get to join this time! Thank you so much for sharing about this!!!!<3


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