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Write for Life: Sustainer’s Smile & To Save a Life Launch Tour – Sustainer’s Smile Character Spotlight

I’m back with my second post in the Write for Life Tour! Today I have the pleasure of spotlighting Carita Ellith, one of my favourite characters from the Truth from Taerna series. ^_^

Character Spotlight: Carita Ellith

Sustainer's Smile Character Spotlight: Carita Ellith

Age at the time of Sustainer’s Smile40
Personality: ISFJ
Height: 5’5”
Hair: medium-brown straight long hair with wavy ends
Eyes: sparkling golden brown

About Carita

Carita usually wears long, well-fitted dresses in earthy colors—greens, browns, grays, rust-red, muted blue. Most are plain in a medieval peasant style, either one-piece, overdress, or skirt with jacket. She wears a hooded blue cloak when it’s cold. She’s married to Liliora’s oldest brother Kaelan and has several children ranging from ages twelve to baby. She loves caring for people, serving, meeting needs, and walking outdoors. She has a special sense of compassion. Quiet and thoughtful, she hates to see others hurting. She’s shy, quiet, home-loving, and devoted to Adon Olam. Passionate for Him, she longs to share her knowing of Him with everyone around her. She always knows the right words to say to people, even though she’d much rather speak one-on-one in a friendly setting.

Author note

Even though I developed Carita’s character in depth before beginning Promise’s Prayer and even though she was the character I was most looking forward to writingI was surprised to discover that her scenes were some of my favorite to write. Spiritually, she’s everything I wish to be—fervent in prayer, devoted to Adon Olam, listening to Him continually, treasuring His word, and with a heart of compassionate service. Carita’s name means “love, charity, beloved” and it fits her completely. In Sustainer’s Smile, Carita is a helpful figure in Liliora’s life when Liliora doesn’t know where to turn—one with a heart of gentle compassion and words of Adon Olam’s wisdom.

Sustainer’s Smile Excerpt

“How are things with you?” Carita asked as Liliora followed her back to the kitchen area.
“All right.” Liliora sighed, leaning against the table. “Not easy.”
Carita nodded. “I understand. Kethin told Kaelan… We’ve been praying for you, Lili.”
“Thank you.” Everything around her seemed to still except the rhythmic beating of her heart.
“Are—are you all right?” Carita asked, stirring something over the fire, but casting a sympathetic glance at Liliora.
Liliora nodded. “Enough—now. It’s tough—you know. I…” She trailed off, not wanting to become emo­tional again here.
Carita nodded. “I understand. Look to Adon Olam. He’s enough, even when you can’t go on.”

Learn the Basics

  • It’s Book Four of Truth from Taerna but it can easily be read as a standalone.
  • It’s a prolife novel.
  • It tells the story of Liliora Ellith, who makes peace with her past and discovers her future among the cradles of Taerna’s unwanted babies, born and unborn.
  • It’s a kingdom adventure fiction novel.
  • It’s clean and family-friendly, though it’s recommended for teens and up due to dealing with the issue of abortion. 

Its launch date is October 21 but it’s available for preorder right now!

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See the Blurb

Suffering suffocates her soul. 

How can she ever smile again?

A helpless newborn…that’s exactly how twenty-four-year-old Liliora Ellith feels in her efforts to speak up on behalf of the youngest members of Taerna’s pleasure-driven society. Her tender heart for the defenseless and deep aversion to conflict throw Liliora’s soul into turmoil when tragedy opens her eyes to the quiet yet heartrending war on Taerna’s babies—both born and unborn. Adon Olam’s Word coupled with a secret in her own past fuel her determination. All she wants is to make peace with her past and discover her future among the cradles of unwanted babies. However, the challenges ahead of her threaten to send her spiraling into hopeless depression time and again. Saving innocent lives from the crush of the destroyer and raising a generation in the ways of Adon Olam seem more impossible than ever. At the very end of herself, will the sufferings of her and her babies prove to be anything less than the catalyst for complete disaster?

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Have you preordered yet? Don’t forget about the giveaway!! Does Carita remind you of anyone, real or fictional?

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