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Fairy Tale Central Tag 2020

Hello, hello!

So sorry about the late post today. *grimaces* I had a bit of techy troubles today. Now that we’re here, I had so much fun doing Fairy Tale Central’s last tag that I wanted to do their first one. 😀

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We’ve compiled ten fairy tale-centric questions which you can then take, answer on your blog! If you don’t have a blog, you are welcome to answer these on another social media outlet OR answer in the comments! The point is to just HAVE FUN.

It would be appreciated if you linked back to Fairy Tale Central in your post. You’re also more than welcome to use the banner, but it’s not necessary.


– What’s an obscure fairy tale you love?

I feel like I may have answered this in a previous post? But an obscure one I love is called The Yellow Dwarf, which is weird because it has THE worst ending EVER!!! XD I’m so mad about that ending I may end up retelling it just to fix it. Heh, us writers get to call ourselves retellers, but honestly? We’re just fanfic writers with a fancy name and no copyright issues to deal with. XD

– If you got to choose Disney’s next animated princess movie, what fairy tale would you choose to be adapted?

Ooooh… Hmmm…

Snow White and Rose Red. I’d LOVE to see another sister-oriented Disney movie like Frozen. ❤ But I’d also love to see a Moon Princess one, maybe with her actively trying to find a way to keep the moon people from taking her back while dealing with unwanted suitors?

– What is the first fairy tale you remember hearing when you were a child?

Does Little Red Riding Hood or The Three Pigs count? XD I’m honestly not sure. I do remember reading Beauty and the Beast in the dentist’s office when I was little and wondering why it was so different than Disney’s. XD

– If you were to embark on a fairy tale quest, what necessities would you pack in your bag?

Gun. Solar powered phone. Toothbrush. Rope. Bullets (gun would be useless without these XD). Canned food. Bottled water. First aid kit. Ball gown. Knives, preferably a machete kind as well as a multi-purpose Swiss Army kind. Extra clothes and shoes. And my Kindle for those long travel montages most quests have. ;p

– What’s your favorite fairy tale trope?

The talking animal is actually a cursed prince/princess. Most of my favorite fairy tales include something like this, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and Rose Red, East of the Sun, West of the Moon, and several others. Or maybe the lost princess/prince one? I really like that one. Hmm… What if I combined them?? O.O This tag is giving me too many ideas… XD

– If you could be any fairy tale character archetype (the princess, the soldier, fairy godmother, talking animal, mischievous imp, wise old woman, evil stepmother/sister, etc.), who would you want to be and why?

Before I answer this can I just say I want a story with all of these characters forced to journey/work together? XD Like maybe the evil stepmother/sister isn’t so evil and there’s a main villain worse than her? *sighs and shoves plot bunny into overcrowded pen* Anyway… I’d have grand fun being the mischievous imp so I could let loose all my sarcasm and puns and practical jokes, but I’d also like to be the princess and fulfill my childhood dream of being one. Maybe I can be a mischievous princess? XD

– What animal/mythical creature would be your sidekick for fairy tale adventures?

DRAGON! And not the travel-size kind. …no wait. I want a dragon that can change its size depending on what I need, please and thank you. *grins* Dragons can fly, rip your enemies to shreds, cook your dinner, and provide warmth on a cold night, what’s not to want?

– What is your favorite historical era, and what fairy tale would you love to see in that setting?

I have so many historical eras that I love for US history, let alone world history and other specific countries, how can I pick? Nevertheless, I would love to see Regency era fairy tales. I mean, could you imagine The Little Mermaid in a similar vein to Pride and Prejudice? *heart eyes*

– If you could change a fairy tale’s villain into a hero, who would you choose and why?

Love, love, love this question. I’m honestly intrigued by pretty much all the villains being a hero, hence why I love the movie Maleficent so much and am writing a Sleeping Beauty reimagining (I’ve been saying retelling while I’ve been writing it, but the more I think about it, the more I’m realizing I’m writing reimaginings because they stray so far from the original tale.) where Sleeping Beauty and the evil fairy who cursed her are sisters. So, I guess I chose the evil fairy as my villain into a hero story. *grins*

ALSO! If you like these kinds of stories, you NEED to check out the A Villain’s Ever After series that’s coming out soon. My dear friend, Allison Tebo, has a book being published in this series and she’s also setting up a week long blog tour!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20-275-Allison-Tebo-The-Goblin-and-the-Dancer-683x1024.jpg
Click the image for preordering. 😉

– Do you prefer fairy tales with happy endings or sad/tragic endings? why or why not?

Pfft. I’m a Disney girl, give me my happy endings! XD You don’t know the trauma I faced when I started reading the original fairy tales, especially The Little Mermaid. Meep. I’m still traumatized over that ending alone. *sniffs* Let alone other fairy tales I’ve read, like The Yellow Dwarf and the one about the man with a blue beard who gives his wife a key but tells her not to open the door. (I can’t remember the title, but that one was actually pretty creepy… o.O) So, yeah. The world is filled with enough sadness and tragedy, give me my hopeful and happy-ever-after endings please and thank you very much.


Victoria @ Glory for God Alone

The girls @ Teen Writers’ Nook (Whichever of y’all want to do it. 😉 )

Ribbon Ash @ Virtual Paper

And anyone else who wants to do it!

What era would YOU like to see some retellings set in? And what retellings would they be? What would you pack on your fairy tale quest? Does my list seem over-the-top or are there items you’d like to suggest I bring? Do you fancy answering any of the other questions?

Let’s Chat! 😀

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8 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Central Tag 2020”

  1. Aaaahhhh you did our old fairy tale tag!!! I cannot tell you how ecstatic I was to see this pop up! 😀 And seeing all your answers was a BLAST. I was just grinning and nodding along to allll of this.

    First of all, “fanfic writers with a fancy name” is a HILARIOUS summarization of us retellers and I love it so much. XD

    Secondly, a Snow White and Rose Red Disney retelling for the win!!! AGH YES. I want that SO SO BAD. I think it would be so beautiful and delightful and someone needs to throw that story at Disney’s head and force them to tell it because REALLY NOW.

    Okay, but your list of items to bring on a quest is PERFECT and so pragmatic. You are totally going to be prepared and show those fairy tale villain’s who’s boss. *grins*

    UM. BUT. A story with ALL the fairy tale archetypes working together??? JEN. THIS IS BRILLIANCE AND NOW I NEED IT NOWWWW GAH. That would be AH-MAY-ZING! And YES to mischievous princesses! They are the best. You’d make a delightful impish princess! ;D

    GIRL. You have so many good ideas! A dragon who can change sizes??? WE NEEDS IT, PRECIOUSSS.

    WE ALSO NEED REGENCY FAIRY TALES YASSS. Us FTC girls are CONSTANTLY talking about how we want those. I’m so glad you’re on board with this too. It needs to happen!

    Oh man yes, the ending of The Little Mermaid… *sniffles* I adore that fairy tale but DAT ENDING. So rude! I’m glad Disney did something about that. Lol. The poor girl deserved a happy ending! Original fairy tales are always something else. XD

    This was seriously so much fun to read! I’m so glad you joined in! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  2. OOH, I would also love to see a Disney movie of Snow White and Rose Red! Give me ALL the sister relationships! (Another one I want to see is the Twelve Dancing Princesses.)

    Dragons all the way! (I love Tolkien’s quote of “It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons.” XD It’s also now my dream to be best friends with a dragon shifter like Malcolm or Julio from the Afterverse. *grins*)

    I love Allison Tebo’s books!! The Tales of Ambia are so cozy and adorable and delightful. ❤ I'm so excited for The Goblin and the Dancer!! (I'm also excited for Tara Grayce's Bluebeard and the Outlaw! You're right, the original Bluebeard tale is…very disturbing. To say the least. But I'm excited for Ms. Grayce's reimagining of it!)

    Happy endings for sure. I don't mind darkness or tragedy in stories, but my favorite ending is a happy one (or at least a bittersweet one).

    Such a fun tag, Jen!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. *realizes there’s a lot more she meant to reply to*

    REGENCY FAIRY TALES. FAIRY TALE ARCHETYPES. Jen, please write all these plot bunnies!!

    Also, your list of necessities for travel in a fairy tale world is perfect. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. *Gasps* ASLKDFJSKLJDFS, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR TAGGING ME, GIRL!!!!!! This tag looks SOOOOOO much fun and I absolutely can’t wait to do it!!!!

    Okay, but YES to Regency Era fairy tales!!!! ARGH, those would just be AMAAAAZING!!! (Especially The Little Mermaid one!!! *happy sighs* Seriously though, that with P&P vibes would be LIFE.) XD Ooooh, and all the archetypes working together!! That’s definitely pure genius right there! (And I’m positive it’d be quite the entertainment too.) XD

    Thank you again for tagging me and for sharing this in general!!! It was so much fun to read!!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. *laughs* I love this Jen!! So perfect, and the questions are great.
    Love the dragon idea, sign me up please! xD
    And that list is perfect. *nodnod* Definitely need something for those montages. xD
    I’m so excited to read The Goblin and the Dancer, and the coverrrr. I didn’t know that you knew her, wow!!

    Liked by 1 person

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