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February is Fantasy Month Tag

Hello! Today I’m finally here with Jenelle Schmidt’s February is Fantasy Month tag! Also, Happy National Tell a Fairy Tale Day! Check out Fairy Tale Central for some fun games to play! (The giveaway is over, but the games were SO much fun!) And Brittany Fichter is hosting a HUGE party on her blog too, of which I will be checking out later. *grins* Now, for what y’all actually came here for, I’m going to be talking all about my fandoms. (You are in for a looong post. *smile smile*)

What was the first fandom you fell into?

The first fandom I fell into was technically Disney, with the Princesses being my main love, then subsequently fairy tales. I grew up on Disney shows and movies, Lilo & Stitch, Kim Possible, That’s So Raven, Winnie-the-Pooh, and of course the Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and the Hercules series, especially the Princess ones. Ariel, Mulan, and Belle were my favorites as a kid. Snow White was the only one I didn’t really want to watch because it always freaked me out what with her trip through the scary forest and then the hag and her demise… *shudders* My sister and I would take turns picking a movie and it would usually be a Disney Princess movie, I remember the good old days of VCR tapes and having to actually rewind them before you could rewatch anything. Rapunzel, Elsa, Anna, and Moana joined the list of favorites as their movies came out. And out of all the princesses, I think I’m most like some sort of combination of Rapunzel, Anna, and Moana. While watching Moana the first time, I was told several times, “That’s so Jen.” Or something like that. XD Especially right after the Ocean dumped her on Maui’s island. XD Moana may be the one I’m most like, but Rapunzel and Anna are the side of me I don’t often show. However, The Little Mermaid was my top fav as a kid, I could watch it over and over again and if I wasn’t watching it, I was singing the songs. Part of Your World (and Reflection for that matter) were sung very often in my childhood, aaand I still sing them. What? You’re never to old for Disney sing-alongs. *grins*

Some of my favorite fairy tales are The Little Mermaid (still like Disney’s version best ;p), Thumbelina, The Wild Swans, and Twelve Dancing Princesses. I also distinctly remember reading a version of Beauty and the Beast in a dentist’s office as a kid and loving it, but I can’t recall for the life of me which version it was. And, I don’t own any of his books sadness but I really love Andrew Lang’s fairytale books. There were so many that I loved and had captivated me, although, some of them had the depressing ending of #everyonediestheend. Those are the kinds that really make me want to write a retelling just to fix that. Especially if the heroes/heroines struggled through so much and overcame a lot, only to be taken down by random chance or a simple/stupid mistake. I get the point those kinds of fairy tales are trying to make, life isn’t fair and won’t always bring happiness even if you work hard for it, but I want stories with hope, I need stories with hope. In the darkness of this world, I need stories that shine with hope like a beacon of light to my weary, drowning soul. I don’t want to be dragged back down into the dark and depressing state of things. Without hope, specifically hope in God, what is the point of existing?

What is the most recent fandom you’ve become a part of?

Thanks, Mom, for reminding me about Rapunzel’s frying pan. XD

Oh, this would definitely be The Lunar Chronicles! I read this series the end of last year and it was SO good! All of the characters are amazing! This was one of, if not the, reading highlight of my year last year. I had heard so many good things about it, and several of my online friends love it, so I knew I had to try it. And why did I wait so long to read these!? There’s just so much to love about this series, you’ve got fairytale retellings that are set in a futuristic earth setting with space travel (to the moon, but still counts cause SPACE), an absolutely adorable cast, Cress and Thorne, wonderful friendships, Winter and Jacin, adorable relationships, Cress and Thorne, snarky comments between the friends, Cress and Thorne, Winter and Jacin, Scarlet and Wolf, Cinder and Kai, Iko and Kinney, and as much as I ship the couples, it’s the friendships that I love the most. Despite the large cast, I still know each character so well and love them all, and I adore how they are all friends and each person ends up solo teaming up with everyone else at least once. Thorne and Kai are hilarious, to say the least. And Cress is adorable with everyone, especially Wolf. Just… gah! Do yourself a favor and read this series! ^_^

There was also The Wingfeather Saga. I just finished reading the series a week or so ago and it was just, *clutches heart* so, I don’t know how to describe it. I will admit the first book was a touch hard to get into, but by the second book I was sunk hook, line, and sinker, into the fandom. I love it so much and the ending! So beautiful! Don’t worry, no spoilers! But still, it’s a perfect ending and I just can’t. *heart-eyes*

Star Wars or Star Trek?

I love Star Trek, but Star Wars all. The. Way. I am a Star Wars girl. (Before I continue, I ask that all throw-able and lethal objects be left outside, thank you!) I love the Prequels, please don’t hate on my Jar-Jar. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are fantastic, and Padme is amazing! I will go ahead and say that Padme’s and Anakin’s romance is a bit weird, I do wish their age difference hadn’t been so much, but 5 or 6 years isn’t that much. And then there’s the Clone Wars series, I love that show! It’s a big part of my childhood and I have fond memories of watching it as it aired on TV with my siblings (and getting totally creeped out by certain episodes with certain characters…). There’s also Rebels. I can’t fangirl enough about Rebels. I love my Space Family! Kanan and Hera are adorable, Ezra and Zeb are such brothers, Sabine is awesome, and Chopper is a legit mood. And the Originals! I um, haven’t seen Return of the Jedi yet, though. (We watch movies as a family and there’s a certain scene that isn’t Little Brother friendly…) Anyway, I love Star Wars. I also ship Rey and Ben Solo. The Sequels are also amazing! Poe Dameron is probably my favorite character? I don’t know, it’s so hard to choose. And, of course, I’d be remiss to talk about Star Wars and not mention all the awesome droids! R2, C3-PO, BB8, Chopper, I love them all!

Okay, and now a tiny section devoted to Star Trek. Kirk, Bones, and Spock are an amazing group of unlikely friends, I especially love it when Kirk or Bones is teamed up with Spock alone and watching them clash against his logic. Bones and Spock are hilarious! And then there’s Chekov, Sulu, Uhuru, and Scotty. I just love the whole Enterprise crew. ^_^ I’ve only seen the original series and movies, I haven’t seen any of the spin-off series or whatever their called, or even the latest movies.

Marvel or DC?

My Marvel collection is pitifully lacking… I had to swipe my brother’s t-shirts… and my Dad’s Groot figures… *sigh*

Marvel. Hands down. (Not that I’ve seen any DC except Christian Bale’s Batman, which was awesome!) I am very, very tempted to squeal on and on about these movies, buut, this is already getting a tad long, so I will clickety-click you on to the Marvel tag I recently did. If you don’t feel like doing that and then coming back, that’s alright, I’ll give a summary that’s slightly updated with the things I forgot to add to that post. My favorite movies are all the Avengers movies, Thor 2, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Captain America 2 & 3, Guardian’s of the Galaxy, and Spiderman 1 & 2. I am Team Cap all the way, and believe Bucky is a superhero too. 😉 Groot is the best. And one of my best memories of the MCU is when my family and I had a whole MCU movie marathon in preparation for End Game. (Thanks to Tara for editing some of the movies to make them Little Brother friendly.) So, yeah, I’m a Marvel fangirl. Also, Loki is just the best. XD I love his snark. “Well done, you just decapitated your grandfather.” “Want to turn around? I think you missed a column.” (This probably explains my love of the Thor movies.)

What is a fandom you love enough to want to live in that world?

Kingdom Hearts!!! I would LOVE to live in this universe, because it’s more than one World, my childhood fantasy was to board a Gummi Ship and fly away with Sora, Riku, and Kairi and fight the Heartless and Nobodies with my very own keyblade. I would travel to all the Worlds, Radiant Garden, Twilight Town, Destiny Islands, Atlantica, just, all of them. I could live here and never regret coming if it was a one-way-ticket. (I would, of course, miss my family and friends something awful.)

And I know most of you probably don’t know much about these games, so I’ll just high-five the ones who do and move on. 😉 (Whether or not you know anything about these games, I still think you’re awesome. ^_^)

If you could hang out with a character from one of your fandoms, who would it be and why?

Sora, from Kingdom Hearts, because he’s amazing and awesome and such a sweet cinnamon roll of a character, he’d honestly be an honorary little brother within minutes of meeting him. And, on a side-note, if I hang with him, I would eventually meet ERRYBODY. Honestly, that boy has connections everywhere, he’s the extrovert that adopts everyone into his family of friends. But, still, even if I only hung out with him, it would be amazing and I would love every second of it! ^_^

Unknown fandom (something you love but nobody else seems to have heard of)

Haha, well, it looks like I’m mentioning Kingdom Hearts again. *grins* Seriously, I’ve only met one person online that has played these games *waves at Christine.* This series is my childhood, far more than Disney Princesses or Winnie-the-Pooh or any of the other shows I watched growing up. These characters are so much more than just fictional characters to me, I know that sounds crazy, but I grew up watching them on their journey, seeing them grow and sometimes make bad choices that they have to fix. Kingdom Hearts means a lot to me. I was about five year’s old when my older brother started playing Kingdom Hearts, and it was love at first sight. ;p I’ve played all the games now, well not every version, but at least one version of each game. (I recommend the Ps4 games since you can get the entire franchise on one system and a few of them are turned into movies.) Exploring the worlds with Sora, Donald, and Goofy and watching all the friendships grow has always been my favorite thing to do, even if I’ve played the game half a billion times already. There are so many things about these games that I love, I love how the core of the game is friendship and light against darkness. I love how each set of friends are unique and have their own story to tell, but at the same time, they kind of all mirror each other. And, of course, I love all the Disney things about it, Mickey Mouse wielding a keyblade? Exploring Disney worlds? Fighting alongside Ariel in Atlantica? Yes, please! As a little girl, I remember being afraid of some of the bosses (anyone else have the same problem as a kid?) and having my older brother fight them for me. I only finished what video games I did as a kid because he would beat the hard bosses for me. And then I did the same for my little brother, usually on the same bosses I had our older brother do for me.

There’s also The Inheritance Cycle. The only person I know for sure who’s also a fan of these is Nicole *waves*, please enlighten me if you’re also a fan of Eragon and Saphira! Oh, and, don’t judge the books by the movie, or vice-versa, I like the movie okay, but let me just say they got SOOO many things wrong. The Urgals don’t even look like Urgals!!! >_< Just, why? Was it really that hard to put horns on them? I understand them not wanting them to look like Urukai from Lord of the Rings, but come on! *fumes* Okay, sorry about that. Rant over. I do like the movie, I just have issues with some of it. But, the books, I love them so much! Reading Eragon’s story, watching him go from naive farm-boy to world-renowned dragon-rider is wonderful. And there’s also Brom, Arya, Angela the Herbalist, Murtagh, Nasuada, Roran, just, so many characters I love!

I hope you enjoyed reading all about my fandoms, and my obsessive love of Kingdom Hearts. XD

So, tell me! Do we share any fandoms? Do you love any fandoms I didn’t mention? Who’s your favorite Disney Princess? Do you have a favorite fairy tale? Let’s talk all things fandom!

Tell me in the comments! 😀


18 thoughts on “February is Fantasy Month Tag”

  1. Oh my goodness, this post has awoken my inner fangirl. I LOVE the Wingfeather Saga, and my favorite book is The Monster in the Hollows. I just love Janner and Kalmar and Leeli, and the ending of the series just floored me. The Inheritance Cycle is another of my favorites. I think I have read the whole series twice, and it’s about time I read it again. SO GOOD. When I was little, my favorite Disney princess was Ariel (because she and I both had red hair xD) but nowadays, I’d have to say Rapunzel is my favorite. Tangled is such a good movie. I keep seeing the Lunar Chronicles everywhere. I should probably read those books next, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AAAAHHHH!!! YAY! Mission accomplished! XD You love the Wingfeather Saga too!? *high-fives* Oooh, The Monster in the Hollows was SOOO good! ❤ I absolutely love Janner, Kalmar, and Leeli too! And, oh goodness, yes! That ending!? *sobs and clutches heart* EEEE!!! *glomps you* You're a fan of The Inheritance Cycle!!! YAY! I technically have never actually read them, but I've listened to the audiobooks countless times. ^_^ Oh, same! Now that I own all the books, I want to reread them. 🙂 Ariel was your favorite when you were little, too? We'd have been instant besties if we met as kids for that alone. 😀 (lol, I would have been madly jealous of your red hair, too, having red hair was my dream as a kid, but I was stuck with brown. XD) Rapunzel is amazing and I LOVE Tangled! ^_^ Oh, yes! You should definitely read the Lunar Chronicles next! They are SOOO good! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

  2. KINGDOM HEEEEARTS!!! *waves back at you* I love that you dedicated three questions to it alone because OF COURSE. IT DESRVES ALL THE LOVE. But oh man, those boss fights. *collapses* They’re so HARD. I kind of always dread the boss fights… ALTHOUGH. I found them a lot more fun and even much, much easier in KH3??? So that was refreshing. I think it was the first KH game where I beat all the baddies without like ANY game overs???? ‘TWAS A MIRACLE. Because usually the game overs are endlessss.

    ANYWAYS. You know I’m good to flail about KH any time, ALL THE TIME. 😀

    But I loved ALL your answers to these questions! SO MUCH YES TO DISNEY. Seriously, we would have made the best of friends as children–we loved all the same things! And…still do! So at least we’re friends now! ^_^

    THE LUNAR CHRONICLES IS ALSO THE GREATEST. <3333 You're making me desperately wan to reread them! (Also that picture with all the TLC related things is BRILLIANT.)

    And Marvel always wins! *high-fives*

    I loved this post so much! All these pictures are epic. Loving all the fandom paraphernalia you guys have! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! I honestly tried to bring in more fandoms than just Kingdom Hearts, but I kinda have a sort of all-consuming obsession with Kingdom Hearts, sooo… XD It does deserve ALLLL the love! I keep hoping I can bring more people into the fandom by constantly bringing it up. XD Right!? *collapses on top of you* I really hate Vexen’s in Re:Chain of Memories and Demyx’s in Kingdom Hearts 2 (Dance, Water, Dance! *growls in frustration*) I noticed that too! So much easier in KH3! I don’t think I had any game-overs either?? Maybe just one from the VERY end?? Ha! Saaame, soooo many game-overs…

      Oh yes! I LOVE having you as a flailing partner about KH!! And same, any time, ALL THE TIME> 😀

      Eeee, thanks!! We would have been such besties!!! (I am loving how many things we both love. ^_^) YES! I am so glad we’re friends now! *hugs* ^_^

      YES IT ISSSSS!!!!!! <3333 Hehe, my evil plan is working, mwahaha!! XD Oh! My other sister is reading them now! She just finished Cinder, but we haven't discussed her thoughts on it yet. (D'awww!! Thanks! It was so much fun thinking of all the things for it! ^_^)

      Yes it does! *high-fives*

      I'm so, so happy you did! Thank you so much! I had so much fun gathering everything to use, I even conscripted some family members to help and let me borrow some of their stuff. XD *grins* Wanna know a secret? The KH picture is just strategy guide pages scattered over the floor. Our KH1 and KH2 strategy guide books fell apart so we put the pages in a binder. XD


  3. I found out Christine was a Kingdom Hearts fan from this tag, and now you too! I’m a fellow fan, and I’m so excited that other people are loving those games! I’m also a lifelong Disney fan and The Lunar Chronicles are what inspired me to start writing! This was such a fun post! 

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *glomps you* You’re a KH fan!? *squeals* I’m so excited to have found that out!!! Which games have you played? Have you played KH3? If you have, what did you think of that ending??? Awesome! Disney is amazing! That is so cool The Lunar Chronicles is what inspired you to start writing! ^_^ Thank you so much!!! ❤


  4. YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am ALL for Star Wars and Disney!!!! I literally grew up on the Disney Princesses and Disney Channel. (Back when Disney channel actually had interesting things to watch that is. Now, they’re just making a bunch of nonsense. XD) A fandom I’m in that you didn’t mention would be Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. Those movies (I shall try to get through the books one of these days…) are MY LIFE!!!!!! 😉 Well…I guess not technically my life, but y’know what I mean. Favorite Disney Princess is totally Jasmine hands down. Oooh favorite fairytale????!!!!! Aaahhh, girl, that’s just TOO hard. I guess “Aladdin” is technically considered a fairytale so I’m going for Beauty and the Beast. I’ve always loved that one!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!!!! *fist-bump* Same! I don’t really remember a time before I knew what Disney was. (Oh YES! I almost said something very similar in my post, but deleted it because I don’t know if any of my followers actually like what is being made now… The early 2,000’s had the BEST shows and even up to ’15 had some great ones out there, now it’s just, really?) Hehe, I’m in that one too! I was just trying to spread the love, and talk about Kingdom Hearts. XD I love the movies too! (Keep a secret? I’ve only read the books once. *hides*) Oooh! Jasmine was my sister’s favorite too, before Elsa came out. XD Beauty and the Beast is a great one! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

    1. ^_^ Thank you SO much for hosting February is Fantasy Month!!! ❤

      It is a hard question. XD Rapunzel and Belle are FANTASTIC! 😀


    1. Heheheh… *distant sobbing* Soooo many hours, so many. XD Though, maybe that should say *weeks* lol. XD

      Thank you so much, Sis! *hugs* And thanks for letting me borrow some of your stuff! 😉

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  5. Love reading all about your fandoms!!! Also I love the pictures you created for your fandoms. They are amazing!
    Oh, I’m glad to see you love Star Trek too! That makes me happy to see someone who cares for those characters from it as I do! ❤ I am not a Star Trek fan like I not a fan of Star Wars (as in enjoy the films a lot), but if I had to pick one, I would pick Star Trek cause it seems more nostalgic to me (started watching them as a young teen) and I just love the characters to bits. I don't know why, I just have a deeper fondness for them than Star Wars characters (even though a lot of those characters are amazing!). OH, you would know the tribble episode! That episode is the best ever of Star Trek! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Meep. Thank you so much!!!! ❤ Awww, thank you! I had a lot of fun taking them. ^_^
      Yes! I love the original series and movies! Awww, that's such a sweet reason! The characters are amazing and I love them so much! Tribbles! Yes!!! That episode is SOOOO funny! XD It really is one of the best! ❤

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