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2020 Recap: In Which I Ramble About Life and Writing and Fangirl Over Books

This is it. The last day of 2020. And all 2020 jokes aside, I’m a teeny, tiny bit sad to see it go. God taught me a lot this year, it was definitely a year of growth for me, and that’s the part I will miss in a bittersweet way. Otherwise, bye-bye 2020! We will not miss you in the least!

Now, I don’t have a month by month highlight reel, mostly because I have a Dory-like memory when it comes to certain things and I didn’t write anything down, (That’s something I hope to change for the coming year, though!) and let’s face it, this has been like four or five years in one and how are you supposed to remember it all? So instead of monthly doings, I’ll just talk about things and not worry about when exactly they happened. Okay? Okay. Here we go! Please note that this post is designed for skimming. 😉


I started blogging! Heheh, duh, but still, this goes first because it’s truly one of the highlights of my year. It was something that I’d been wanting to do for a long time and I’m so grateful God worked things out in my life that allowed me to do so. I have had so much fun blogging and I can’t wait to see where this journey leads me.

Through blogging, I’ve made several lovely online friends I am so blessed to have! Love you guys! ^_^ (If you’re reading this, that’s you! Probably, because I honestly have no clue about some of the views I receive. If you’re new or have been a silent reader, come say hi! :D) I have so enjoyed blogging and chatting with everyone, though I am shamefully behind on everyone’s blog posts. And I want to say a special thank you to Christine who was my very first online friend and was so welcoming of me to the blogging community! I am so blessed to have found you in the vast blogosphere and you truly are such a sweet, genuine, and amazing person! ❤ (Shameless friend plug here, go follow her blog! Her posts are always epic and amazing! :D)

A little personal victory of mine is that I lost ten pounds this year! Ten pounds might not seem like a lot, but because it took me all year that means it’s more of a lifestyle change and making healthier choices that will last, instead of joining the next diet craze and lose thirty in a month and then turn around and gain it all back because my lifestyle didn’t change, and I’m starving.

And I said this was a year of growth for me, and while a lot of that growth is too personal for me to feel comfortable sharing, I did write this post about some of it. Another way I grew was in the literal sense. I had stopped growing when I was around twelve at 5′, but just a few days ago I found out I’m now 5′ 1&1/2″ tall. I know this sounds silly to mention, but as a short person any amount of added height is great. And yes, it’s completely necessary to state that extra half inch. ;p

And… I think that’s it in the “Life” section, despite everything, it really was a pretty uneventful year for me. I do feel like I’m forgetting to mention something, though. I will definitely keep better track next year because this is a little pitiful. XD


I haven’t mentioned this story on here before, but way back in March I finished the first complete draft of the story that started my writing journey. Technically it was like the fifth or sixth draft but this was the first time I wrote the end scenes and wow, I was a bittersweet mess. I’ve been with these characters and their story for five years, they are my first cast and I just love this story so much. Maybe once I finish Roses, Thorns, and Curses I’ll talk more about this one and give y’all an actual idea of what this story is about.

I came up with three or four new story ideas which was awesome. Normally a writer already has enough plot bunnies hopping around and they don’t really want or need more entering the picture, but I had hit a creative dry spot and was no longer sure if I could even come up with good ideas anymore. Let’s just say the story above kind of drained me. Yet here I am at the end of December, working on a story I came up with earlier this year that is the start of a whole, sprawling series, of which a second story idea I had is part of (More Than a Dream) and I have an idea of what happens between those two books which will more than likely take up an entire book. There’s also Dylan’s story that came to me shortly after RTC. God reawoke my creativity and I am so grateful!

I finished a rough bones first draft of another story in April. It’s only 20,000 words long, one of my shortest drafts to date! I had already written most of it last year and wrote the finishing touches this year, which amounted to a little over 8,000 words. XD I’ll talk more about this story at another point too, I’ll just say it’s kind of like if the Tinker Bell books/movies took place without Neverland and were about a group of faeries trying to overthrow an evil queen and were for older teens because even little stories I write about cute faeries turn dark real fast. #itried

There was the whole More Than a Dream adventure last month that I won’t recap because y’all are probably getting tired of me talking about it. ;p

I wrote some of Roses, Thorns, and Curses, not as much as I’d hoped but still a good bit. Did I really say I hoped to write 60,000 this month? Eheheh… Let’s just say MyNoWriMo didn’t quite happen. I had almost no time to write the entire first two weeks, it was crazy, plus the fact I had a lot of catching up on all the things.

And for the last thing I wrote a few pieces of flash fiction/short stories, one I shared already and another that I might share sometime in the future.


*rubs hands* As of the writing of this post I’ve read seventy books and almost all of them were really good! There were a few I wouldn’t recommend and will not read again, and a few I personally liked (minus content) but wouldn’t recommend to anyone but older teens and adults, and then there were the ones that I’d recommend to everyone! I’ll try to limit the books, but hey, it’s BOOKS. The lifeblood of writers. I am obsessed with stories and fangirling about them is the best! And these are in date-read order because you can’t make me choose top favourite among my favourites. I also linked each book cover to its Goodreads page for quicker adding to your TBR. *smile smile*


Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVED this book! It’s a delicious What If story about Frozen where Elsa and Anna don’t know that they’re sisters. I devoured this book in one sitting and stayed up late reading it. It was one of the few that actually made me laugh out loud, mostly because of Olaf, because OLAF. I also loved the scenes that seemed to be taken straight from the movie. Yes, that could be labeled a cop out on the author’s part, but they were still beautifully written and were some of my favourites. I absolutely loved all the twists of this story and highly recommend this book to everyone!

1067121. sy475

Ooooh, this book was wonderfully creepy and kept me on the edge of my seat and up way past my bedtime. I only started reading Ted Dekker’s books last year and this one was so good! I don’t want to talk about it too much because I might spoil certain things.

The Ranger's Apprentice | Rangers apprentice, Apprentice, Favorite books
Ranger’s Apprentice series

Did I read most of this series last year? Yes, but it was late in the year and I finished the series very early in the year so I’m counting it. 😉 This whole series is just SO good. I devoured each book as soon as I got it. Each book is amazing and I may just reread the whole thing before I begin reading the sequel series. Halt is by far my favourite character.

The Hagenheim Fairy Tale Retellings series

I’ve only read up to The Captive Maiden, (which I accidentally read first without knowing there was an actual order to the books), and I am loving this series. I was a bit confused with The Merchant’s Daughter because it takes place in England and, timewise, before The Healer’s Apprentice, but after looking at the author’s website I found out that it was setting up for a later book when, well, it might be a spoiler if I say it. I don’t know. But these books are so good!

After reading the Storm Siren series last year I knew I had to get ahold of more of Mary Webber’s books and these were SO good! I loved them so much. I have a little brother and our age difference is about like Sofi’s and Shiloh’s so I was really relating to Sofi’s relationship with him, even though my own brother and I have never been forced to compete in deadly games where you get sold to the black market if you lose and then have to deal with aliens.

Oh, wow. Reading Snow’s story of how he degraded to who he was in The Hunger Games was depressingly good. (Oxymoron much?) I was almost having an existential crises when I found myself rooting for him. *horrified gasp* I know! How could I root for the bad guy? Well, that’s the beauty of Suzanne Collins writing and the type of arc Snow had. Granted, I was rooting for him and Lucy Gray to win and be together and basically not have Snow become a villain, so. And Sejanus was such a precious boy who deserved so much more and oh my heart! It’s Peeta all over again but without Katniss there to save him! This book was a thrill that tore my heart into little tiny pieces, sewed them back together and then smashed it again. Ew, graphic. It was so fun learning about the origins of some of the things that happen in THG series.

I devoured all three books one after the other they were that good! I absolutely loved each one and how Kirsten twisted each tale and told them all without magic. The twins were my favourite characters in the first book and I was a little sad they weren’t really in the next two, but still these were such amazing books and I absolutely can’t wait until the next book comes out! She’s bringing in a circus, guys! So, so excited! ^_^

This is more of an honourable mention because while I absolutely loved it, the first book, Princess Academy, will remain my favourite of the series. I loved finally finishing Miri’s journey and it was so bittersweet coming to a close. Miri was the first character I saw myself in. We are very similar, especially in stature, 😉 and it was so nice finally finding a kindred spirit within a book.

I read the ARC version of this book and I loved it so much! This is one of the few books that elicited an actual show of emotion from me, I was in tears at one point. Such a good book!!! You can read my full review here.

I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!! It’s been on my TBR for years but after Christine said it was her absolute favourite book I knew I had to make an actual effort to get this book. I am so glad I did. I’ve been searching for a book like this my whole life without realizing it. I just loved it so, so much, it was amazing! Howl and Sophie are now on my OTP list. Yes I have a list, because I can’t just pick one couple. Recommended for everyone! Thanks, Christine for giving me the push I needed to read this book! ❤

Another book recommended to me by Christine, and yet another that I loved! Ani was another character that I found myself in, we’re both shy, and would rather be silent and comply with the wishes of others than chance a disagreement. I love her found family! This was a really great book and I need to read the sequels.

The Unwanteds series

I just finished the series today and, except for some issues with the last book, it’s really good! I love how the magic is based on creativity, like drawing, crafts, music, acting, it’s so unique and I love it! There was almost a love triangle which I’m glad was avoided, not that I hate love triangles, but these kids are like thirteen to fifteen and I personally didn’t think a love triangle needed to be in books for middle graders. I already can’t wait to read the sequel series!

Absolutely the reading highlight of my year! Love, love, loved all the things! All the relationships, friendship and romantic, were amazing and I loved all the ways the group would be split up and you could see them all interacting with each other differently, basically everyone eventually paired up with everyone at some point through the whole books and it was fantabulous! I just loved this series so much. I also loved the graphic novel sequel! (Let’s just say Cress and Scarlet and Iko are the only ones who match how I’ve been imagining the characters the entire time, except Scarlet is supposed to have curls, not straight hair.) Oh, and I am Cress, I am very much Cress. Short, socially awkward, loves to sing, and uses her imagination to cope with things. I am not, however, a technical genius. XD It’s so hard picking a favourite couple, because each has such endearing moments and all are so cute and adorable in their own way, I really can’t choose. At one point it’s Cindai, at another it’s Cresswell, and then Scarwolf, then Wincin… you get the picture. (Also I have no idea if those are the actual fandom names for the couples, those are just what I came up with on the spot. Please, correct me and tell me the real names! XD) Oh! And now there’s Ikonney, unless I misread the romantic tension. (If you know you know.) XD If forced to choose, Cress and Thorne forever!!! Scarlet and Wolf came close to being chosen, though. Now, did I see several plot points coming before they did? Yes. Do I even care and does it detract from the absolute amazingness of this series? NOPE. I loved practically everything about this series!

My eldest sister (Psst! Go follow her too! ^_^ ;p) read Dust first because I had such a huge stack of library books when it came in, so like the good little sister I am, I let her read it first. (After I read the first chapter so I could technically have read part of it first. What? Little sister annoying tendencies die hard. XD) But now I’ve read it and IT WAS SO GOOD!!! I saw the twist ending coming halfway through the book, but still, SO GOOD!!! ^_^ And now I can’t wait until the sequel is out!

Okay, wowza! This is one humongous post. Last week’s post was also humongous. I guess this is me subconsciously making up for my short hiatus. The break was great, but I really missed blogging!

🎆Happy New Year!🎆

So, 2020 is coming to an end. #finally. Let’s talk about your favourite part of the year, or something good that happened to you. Christmas totally counts. Any favourite 2020 reads? Also, what’s it like having a younger sister? I’ve always wondered. Are we really annoying or are we just good at finding the right times to be annoying? XD

Tell me in the comments! 😀


36 thoughts on “2020 Recap: In Which I Ramble About Life and Writing and Fangirl Over Books”

  1. I loved this wrap-up so much! It sounds like you had a great writing year – congratulations on writing the first complete draft of the story that started you on your writing journey! That carries so many feelings ❤

    YES THE WIRES AND NERVE COMICS!!! AND THE LUNAR CHRONICLES IN GENERAL!!! That is such a good series – and the ships are FANTASTIC!! *fangirling just thinking about them*

    I hope you have such a happy 2021, Jen! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much, Nicole!!! <333 To be honest, in the midst of it, I didn't feel like I had a great writing year, but looking back over it, I am so wowed and grateful for what God allowed me to do. ^_^ Aww, thanks! I'm still feeling a little weird about not writing it anymore, I spent almost five years writing it and it will always be dear to me. 🙂 ❤

      *fangirls with you* THEY ARE SOOO GOOD!!! I'm currently reading Stars Above and LOVING IT!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

      Thank you!!! I hope you have a wonderful 2021 too! <333 ^_^

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  2. Great post, Jen! The book about Elsa and Anna looks so interesting. I would love to read it. Who cares if I’ve been ordering waaaaaay too many books on Amazon lately? A writer’s gotta read!
    I just followed your sister’s blog. I have no idea what it’s like to have younger siblings, LOL, because sadly I am the little sister of the family. (I have an older brother, but he’s okay, so it’s all good XD) Sometimes, though, it’s tough to be the youngest!
    Anyways, happy new year! Some really good things that happened to me were: I made some really awesome online friends (definitely including you), I started my blog, and I actually finished my first draft of The Apostle’s Sister. So this year HAS had some gems!!

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    1. Thank you so much, Joy!!! Yes!!! Read it! It’s so good! Lol, writers definitely gotta read! XD

      Awww, thanks! I’m so happy you did! ^_^ Lol, I only have a little brother, everyone else is older than me. 😉 (Older brothers are great! I have two. :D) Oh, I hear ya, there’s pros and cons to being the youngest. 😉

      Happy New Year!!! Awww, you’re so sweet! ^_^ I’m so happy to have met you! ❤ Congrats on finishing your first draft!!! *throws confetti* I'm so glad you had some good things happen! 😀

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  3. 2020 was definitely a doozy! Congrats on finishing your first book! I finished one in March as well, and subsequently thereafter, also hit a dry patch I’m jut coming out of (thanks a lot, characters of my other book. This was totally your fault.). It’s something else how we become attached to them. And congratulations on your increase in height! My little sister is 5’1″ (I’m seven inches taller), but the poor dear always tries to make herself 5’2″ when being measured. And what it’s like having a younger sister…it’s interesting. I wouldn’t trade her for the world, but she is quite gifted at being annoying sometimes. Reminds me of a hyperactive chihuahua who thinks she’s intimidating and fearsome. She’s a blessing, though. For books. I don’t know where to begin! “Revisionary” by Kristen Hogreffe, “Oath of the Outcast” by C.M. Banschbach, ANYTHING by Jaye L. Knight, “Hidden Current” by Sharon Hinck, and anything by Tolkien. There are just too many to list. Have a Happy New Year and best of luck on your writing!

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    1. Oy vey, yes it was! Thank you so much!!! You did? Yay! That’s awesome! Aww, I’m sorry you hit a dry patch too, but I’m glad you’re coming out of it! 😀 (Lol, yes, characters can be so demanding and draining of our creativity, they can be such ungrateful little things. XD) I know, I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have this story, even if it sometimes drives me up the wall. XD Awww, thanks! Lol, I feel her pain. 😉 Haha, she sounds great! (And that’s probably how I come across when I try to be all mad and ferocious. XD) Ohhh, I haven’t read most of those, except some of Tolkien, I need to check them out, thanks! 😀 Happy New Year to you too! Thank you! ❤ I hope you have a wonderful writing year!!! <333 ^_^

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  4. Cool post!!! I always love reading these year wrap ups!
    New books to read!!! YAY!!
    My favorite part of 2020 was probably the two and half months of in person school I had. I just had a lot of fun this year, even if I had to wear a mask and stay six feet away. I also had a lot fun discovering this blogging community!!!

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    1. Thank you, Trixie!!! ❤

      Haha, finding new books is always so great! I'm glad I could add to your TBR list! ;D

      I'm so glad you had fun!!! And I'm so happy you found my little blog in the vastness of this community! <333 The blogging community is such a great place! ^_^

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  5. Great post. Thanks for sharing your adventures in writing, reading, and beyond. You put in a lot of miles with pen and ink, which is wonderful. Keep plotting and crafting and honing your way ahead.

    I can’t believe this was your first year blogging. You have such a great site with so many posts already. You certainly seem to have the knack for it.

    Here’s to a great 2021!

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    1. Thank you so much! Your kind words mean a lot to me! ^_^ I’m so honoured you’re commenting on my little blog! 😀

      Oh, thank you! I’m so glad you like my site! Though, I now realize I forgot to add that this is my first time publically blogging, I didn’t mean to mislead anyone. I did have a very private family blog for a bit before this one, but again, thank you so much for your kind words! I love blogging and I’m so thrilled people actually like reading what I post. 🙂

      Yes! Happy New Year!


  6. Congrats on the great things that happened to you in 2020! I am so blessed to have met you too!!!! Love you!!!<3<3<3
    Conceal, Don't Feel is a really good book!!!!!!!!!! I've read some books by Shannon Hale. I haven't read the ones you mention but I really want to, especially Princess Academy. Actually, there is a lot of books on your list that I really want to read.
    Something good that happened to me in 2020 was that I started a collab blog and met some AMAZING people through that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Most of the books I read this year I happen to LOVE! I read Conceal, Don't Feel and The Ascendance Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I HIGHLY recommend you read The Ascendance Series by the way!!! I just finished the fourth book in the series. It was SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)😃
    It is the best thing in the world to have a younger sister (well any sister)!!!!!! Sisters are BEST FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Occasionally they can be annoying. XD But I try not to stay mad very long.

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    1. EEEE!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! <333 Yes, I'm so blessed to have met you!!! Love you, too!!! <333

      Yes, it ISSSSS!!!! I love it so much! Ooh! Shannon Hale is one of my favourite authors, can I ask which of her books you've read? Yes! You should definitely read Princess Academy! The first book will always remain my favourite due to sentimental reasons, but all three were really good! Aww, yay! ^_^

      Those are very good things!!! 😀

      Haha, I shall hopefully read it soon! It's definitely high on my TBR list! ^_^

      Sisters are indeed best friends! I'm so blessed to have two, even if they're older than me, lol. XDDD Lol, it sounds like she has an awesome big sis! ^_^

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      1. ❤️❤️❤️

        Of course you can ask! I absolutely love it when people ask me questions!!!!!! They are great conversation starters!!!!!!!!!! I’ve read all the Ever After High books by Shannon Hale except The Legend of Shadow High (I haven’t gotten around to it yet).

        Yes, you should read them asap! They are so so so good!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do read them you’ll have to let me know what you think of them.

        Sisters truly are a blessing!!!!!!! Aww, thank you!!!!!😊

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        1. ^_^ Oooh! I haven’t read the Ever After High books, I’ll have to put them on my tbr list! 😀

          Haha, cool! I will definitely let you know when I read them! ^_^

          Yes, I completely agree! You’re welcome! And I totally meant it! ❤ ^_^

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  7. Thanks for the plug Sis! (I wondered where all the new followers were coming from! 😂)

    I’ve been told Ranger’s Apprentice was a good series, I definitely need to read it now!

    No, younger sister’s aren’t annoying 😜. They’re quite fun! 💛 Honestly, I spent nearly 7 years praying for a younger sister, and got TWO!! so, yeah, I’m thankful for the both of you!!

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    1. You’re welcome! ^_^ (Thanks, guys, for following her!!!)

      Yes, you have been, by me, I believe. XD You should definitely read them!!! ^_^

      Lol, so are big sisters! ❤ Awww, I'm thankful for you too, Sis!!! <333 ^_^ Love ya!

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  8. Awwww, Jen! This was such a great wrap-up post. I loved getting a summary of your year! And OH MY GOODNESS. I feel so honored to be your first blogging friend and so BLESSED that we found each other!!! I know it’s only been a few months, but I can’t even imagine life with my Jen now! You’re such a ray of sunshine. I love our chats and fangirling together and just EVERYTHING. <333
    Congrats on losing weight and making a lifestyle change! That is FANTASTIC. And yes, such a healthier choice than jumping on some big diet craze that only lasts a tiny bit. So proud of you, girl!
    I loooved reading about all your writing accomplishments! You got so much epicness done!!! 😀 What a blessing God re-awoke you creativity. I've felt the same way these past few months, after such a long time of just feeling DRY. It's such a magical thing feeling CREATIVE again. I'm so glad you've found your spark once more. And YOUR STORIESSSS. THEY ALL SOUND AMAZING. What is this about fairies overthrowing an evil queen? :O SOUNDS EPIC. You come up with such fun ideas!
    And oh my goodness gracious, you read so many amazing books! Like HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE. *fangirls forever* And The Lunar Chronicles yessss!!! Ugh I love it so much! I loved the Sofi Snow duology as well! Those were such cool reads. And OF COURSE the Once Upon a Twist Tales stories. Those stories just make me happy. ❤ I'm so glad you found such good reads!
    Thank you so much for sharing all this fun with us! Happy New Year, dearest Jen! I do pray your 2021 is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL one! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! I am so, so blessed we found each other too!!! Awwww, Christine! Thank you! *glomps* I feel the EXACT same! Every single one of our chats has been the highlight of my day! <333 And it's SO awesome to have someone to fangirl about Kingdom Hearts with! ;D

      Thank you! It's a bit of a struggle because I like sweets and food, but one I plan on winning! ^_^

      EEEEE!!! Thank you! I am so glad we both found our creativity again! 😀 Eeep! THANK YOU!!! Hehe, thanks! I hope to talk more about it soon because I really love this story. ^_^

      *fangirls forever with you* HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE WAS AMAZING!!! TLC!!! YES!!! ^_^ Sofi Snow duology was SO cool! The worldbuilding was epic! 😀 *beams* They make me so happy, too!! Me too! Looks like we both had a pretty great reading year! ^_^

      Thank you so much, your comments always mean so much to me! ^_^ Happy New Year to you, dearest Christine! I pray your 2021 is amazing and beautiful too!!! <333


  9. Oh my goodness, I LOVED this!!! First of all–CONGRATULATIONS ON LOSING 10 POUNDS!!! Dude, that is an INCREDIBLE feat, and I am 1000% impressed and proud. Losing weight is NOT an easy thing, no matter the amount, and 10 pounds is absolutely nothing to sneeze at! (I really need to start exercising more–especially since most of my writing life constitutes of me sitting down all the time XD–but I want to get to the point where I do it in a healthy way, and not an “I need to lose weight or it is the end of the world” kind of way.)

    AND! AND! AND!!! There are SO. MANY. BOOKS. on here that I absolutely need to read now… I…didn’t know that Melanie Dickerson’s books had an order?? I literally just picked up The Golden Braid and read it like three years ago, and then never read any of the other ones. (Not because I didn’t enjoy it–because I absolutely did. I just….well…*side-eyes TBR pile that threatens to fall over* It’s fine. *adds the rest of the series onto the stack*) And Howl’s Moving Castle!! I actually have that one downloaded from the e-library right now! I cannot WAIT to read it. I started reading it about a year ago, but Life happened and I wasn’t able to finish it before it had to go back to the library… :((

    Also–and I cannot believe I’m about to say this–but I think you just made me actually want to read A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes… Tbh, I’ve been avoiding this book because the title is so YA cliche (and doesn’t match the rest of the Hunger Games series at ALL, which frustrates me, not gonna lie XD) but now that I know a bit of what it’s about….. *sighs and adds it onto the TBR pile, which now resembles more of a mountain than a pile*

    This was so much fun to read, Jen!!! I absolutely ADORE your blog and you, and I’m so excited to see what this new year holds for your life and your writing!!! (and dude. THANK YOU for all the love and support you’ve shown towards me and my blog!! You are an absolute angel, I swear. <333 )

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    1. EEEP! Thank you SO much!!! Awwww, thanks! ❤ (That is exactly me! I stuggle with either not exercising at all or exercise like the world is ending if I don't. do. it.) I had to continually give myself grace when I slipped up so I would keep going, instead of being hard on myself and subsequently quitting.

      YES! READ ALL THE BOOKS!!! ;D Haha, I know! I had no idea until I was a few chapters into The Captive Maiden and was like, what's happening? What are they referring to? *confused much* (I completely understand, my TBR is over a thousand books on Goodreads, lol. XD Yay! :D) Oooh! Let me know what you think of it when you finish! ^_^ Love that book SO much! ❤ Ugh, I totally relate to library confiscastion dates, AHEM, I mean "due" dates. XD

      Haha, yay!!! The title is different and I can understand that could be a turn off, but the actual story is still very much in tune with the rest of HG. If you liked HG then I'm pretty sure if you give The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes a try you'll probably enjoy it. 🙂

      Awww, thank you so much, Kenzie! I don't know what to say to all this sweetness! Thank you! <333 ^_^ (You are so welcome! *I* absolutely ADORE you and your blog!!! Meep, I can't with your niceness! *collaspes into puddle of happiness* <333)

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  10. Wow, you did a lot of writing this year! That something to be proud of. Go you! And thinking up new ideas is so much work that you should have cookies for that too. *hands out cookies for the first time cause I’ve seen other bloggers do it and seems fun* XD
    That’s okay with being behind on reading other blog posts. I am sooo behind. Bloggers write way too much. XD
    Wow, you read a lot. O_O I definitely added some books on my TBR today. So you haven’t Melanie Dickerson fairy tale retellings yet? Just as a warning, while I did enjoy them, the last two books on your list, The Orphan’s Wish and The Warrior Maiden weren’t as good as the rest. I haven’t read the last two books in this series yet, but I’m hoping that they will be better. And you read the sequel to Sofi Snow. *cries* I am not yet and I really need to! AND LUNAR CHRONICLES. *All the heart-eyes* I haven’t read the graphic novels but I REALLY SHOULD!!! I have no life if I don’t. And you didn’t read Fairest? I haven’t either for reasons, but I think I will try this year cause it is part of Lunar Chronicles and I should at least try, I think.
    I love this wrap-up! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! *munches happily on cookies* Looking back I can see how blessed I was in my writing, even if during it I felt like I wasn’t getting much of anything done. 😉

      Lol, I know! It’s like, as soon as you start getting behind, errybody wants to post a lot. XD I want to read everyone’s posts, but I just don’t have the time right now. *pouts and stares at growing email list*

      Haha, I did, didn’t I? Like with my writing, it sure didn’t feel like that much. Yay! I’m happy I could lengthen your TBR! ^_^ 😉 Yeah, I haven’t read all of them yet. Aw, that’s unfortunate, I’ll still read them though. Thanks for the heads up! 😀 The sequel was SO GOOD! And I adored the ending! ^_^ YES! YES! YES! All the heart-eyes for Lunar Chronicles!!! ^_^ Yes! YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY READ THE GRAPHIC NOVELS!!! So good!!! ^_^ I *just* read Fairest a couple days ago and, well, it was okay and interesting to get Levana’s point of view, but now I am thoroughly disturbed by her. Pretty much everything in that story you learn in Winter, it also had way more content than the other books, though everything stayed off-page other than a few, er, details. So, you can totally read it if you want to, but if you’ve read Winter, there’s not much more in Fairest that’s new.

      Awwww! Thank you!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

        1. *hugs and continues staring* So. many. emails. XD
          Awesome! Let me know if you like it or not! Other than the icky and creepy stuff, I actually kind of enjoyed getting Levana’s story.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. YUSS. And it keeps on growing and growing…. XD
            I will! Yeah, I am not looking forward for Levana’s creepy stuff. She was disturbing enough from others’ POVs and her own POV moments here and there. That’s good you enjoyed it despite that! There’s hope that I might. 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

            1. XDDD It’s like the Hydra, remove one email and two more shall take its place. XD

              ^_^ Heh, yeah, Levana was creepy enough in the other books. She’s… she’s pretty messed up in the head and really freaks you out once you’ve been in her head long enough. O.o

              Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Cherelle! Awww, yay! You should definitely give The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes a try! I still love the trilogy better but it was still good! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Okay. First off I’m also like a bit behind on a lot of blogger’s post hence why I’m trying to sneak my comment in. (Hehehe…maybe Jen will never noticed how late I am. XD) I actually LOVED reading this post and it’s really fun reading all of your fangirling moments. I’m an in-betweenish sister, so now I’m wondering what my older sisters think of me. But as for the younger sis I got she can be like super annoying but I still love a ton. Big sisters I guess look past all of that. Favorite 2020 reads or favorite rereads??? ‘Cause if it’s the latter THE ASCENDANCE SERIES ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I just kind of had to. XD I haven’t found a whole lot of books that I just loved this year. Which I’m hoping to change for next year. And it has started off great ’cause I just started reading Fawkes and OH MY GOODNESS THAT STORY IS GENIUS I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIGHLY recommend it! Well, great post, a HUGE highlight in 2020 was getting to meet you and find this little blog!!!! Can’t wait for the next post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha, no sneaking needed! 😉 I love any and all comments, even if they’re not on the day of posting! (Because, oh my goodness, I am SO behind on TWN’s posts and yet you all are such dears when I comment late. <3) Awww, thanks so much!!! LOL! That's cool you have older and younger sisters! I'm sure you're a fantabulous little sis and big sis! ^_^ Oh, rereads count for sure! I SO need to read that series! 😀 Fawkes is on my TBR!!! Hopefully I can get to it this year! 😀 Awwww, Issabelle! You're just the sweetest! *hugs* I am so delighted to have met you too!!! <333 *grins* thanks! *laughs nervously* hopefully that will be sometime soon… ehehe… my regular posting schedule has had to be put on hold for now.

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  12. Congrats on all the writing you did this year! *hands you a plate full of book-shaped cupcakes* “because even little stories I write about cute faeries turn dark real fast. #itried” XD I relate. I had an idea for a story about Santa Claus and thought it would be all happy and fun, but by the time I finished the draft….let’s just say it contains significant amounts of angst. EVERYTHING TURNS TO DARKNESS AND ANGST UNDER MY HANDS. It’s like…my superpower.
    I love Howl’s Moving Castle! Sophie and Howl and Michael and Calcifer and ALL THE CHARACTERS. I love them. Have you ever read The Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Marie Pope? It’s not really that much like Howl’s Moving Castle, but for some reason the characters remind me of each other; the level of clever banter is fantastic in both books. I’ve heard good things about the Lunar Chronicles from my cousin. Might have to check it out at some point…
    I have two little sisters and my opinion on younger sisters is as follows: they are wonderful darlings, blessings to us all, masters at making us laugh so much that it’s painful, and equally masters at making us want to tear our own hair out 😉
    Happy belated New Year!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww! Thank you! *admires pretty cupcakes and then gobbles them up* Lol! Someone understands!!! XD Oooh, I remember you mentioning your Santa Clause story. Sorry it went dark on you? LOL!!! We can be darkness and angst superpower wielders together! XDDD

      Oh YAS!!! Another HMC fan!!! Yes all the wonderful characters!!! Oooh, no I haven’t, but I shall definitely keep an eye out for it! Thanks for the recommendation! ^_^ Clever banter is the best! Oooh yes! Read the Lunar Chronicles!!! It is FULL of clever banter!!! Please read them! 😀

      Awww, I ADORE how you describe little sisters! And so funny on that last bit. 😉 XD

      Happy belated New Year!! ❤

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  13. Enjoyed reading your wrap-up! You have good taste in books. Howl, Lunar Chronicles, Ranger’s Apprentice… all favorites of mine. (Though I slightly prefer Chrestomanci to Howl… but that’s not to say I don’t love Howl and Sophie).

    Christine also has good taste in books. I find a lot of new favorites through her, as well. *nods*

    Congrats on growing an inch and a half! That’s exciting.

    Found your blog through Kenzie! (I’m trying to branch out and find new blogs to follow this year, as a lot of my other blogs have fallen dormant in recent months/years. Sadness. But hooray for finding new bookish blogs!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you so much!! Thanks! I saw a lot of other bloggers fangirling over those books and knew I had to read them. (I haven’t read Chrestomanci yet, I’ll have to fix that. 😉 Howl and Sophie are such (bickering) dears it’s hard not to love them.)

      Yes she does! *nods vigorously* Almost every time she talks about books, I add practically all of them to my tbr!

      Thanks! ^_^

      Oh yay! Kenzie is such a gem! I love her and her blog. 😀 (I’m so thrilled mine is one you want to follow! I may have fangirled a bit when I saw your comment because I LOVE King’s Warrior and it was one of the books that helped me become a writer. Awww, that’s so sad some of the blogs you followed have stopped posting. ) Thank you SO much for commenting! It really made my day! ^_^


      1. Chrestomanci is a dear. The books in the Chrestomanci Chronicles are kind of written not in chronological order. I would recommend starting with Charmed Life (Chrestomanci is not the main character, but he’s important) and then maybe moving on to the “The Lives of Christopher Chant” and then… you can read the rest in just about whatever order you choose. There’s Conrad’s Fate, The Pinhoe Egg, Witch Week, the Magicians of Caprona, and a couple others I haven’t read yet. They’re really fun. Chrestomanci is such a very different character than Howl, so it’s hard to compare them. But if I had to have one of them come to my rescue, I’d prefer Chrestomanci. For much the same reasons I would choose Captain America over Iron Man to be stuck in an elevator with. LOL

        OH MY GOODNESS! You’ve read King’s Warrior??!?!? And it helped you become a writer?!??!? That’s like…. seriously… all my wildest hopes and dreams come true. To be able to inspire others to create in some way… is all I’ve ever wanted. Thank you for telling me. Wow. I am honored.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Chrestomanci sounds wonderful! Oooh, I’ll keep that order in mind, thanks so much! ❤ Oh, fun! ^_^ I'd choose Cap too. ;D

          I love King's Warrior so much! ^_^ Kamarie was part of my inspiration for my first MC. Before I read King's Warrior, I hadn't read any other fantasy stories by Christians (besides Narnia and Lord of the Rings, but I didn't realize that until later. How I didn't realize Aslan was like Jesus… *facepalm*) but then I found out you were a Christian and your fantasy world contained magic and God and I realized, if you could write this and still honour God, then I could too. So, I said all that to say, thank you so much for writing King's Warrior and showing me that Christians can write fantasy too.


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