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Becoming A Butterfly // Touch the Sky: A Short Story

Soooo… Life happened and I didn’t have time to write up a blog post, thus I decided to share a small piece of fiction I wrote recently. I hope you like it, but if you don’t please do let me know, I greatly appreciate any feedback. πŸ˜€ Like which title do you think would work better or does having both work?

Day after day Caterpillar spends her time crawling along the ground. She looks to the sky, watching the birds and other winged insects her Creator has made fly through the beautiful blue expanse, always out of reach, going places faster and farther than Caterpillar ever could. She wonders why she has this deep yearning for a place she could never reach, yet each night she looks to the stars and wonders what it would be like to float through the air on her own set of wings.

One day, Caterpillar starts feeling another urge, given to her by her Creator. Instead of heading for the sky, she begins to weave a silken cloak, a cocoon that will not only keep her grounded but will completely cut off her view of the sky. She will not be able to watch the birds dance upon the wind or greet the stars as they twinkle in the night. This cocoon will drive her further from her dream of ever touching the sky, yet still Caterpillar weaves on until finally she rests within the cocoon’s soft embrace, dangling from a stem. As darkness encloses her, fear grips her heart; What if she never sees the sky again?

Caterpillar now spends her time in the dark, rocking in the breeze and wondering if this is as close to flying as she will get. If all she will ever know is darkness and loneliness. She cries out in anguish wondering what could possibly be the reason for this? Why was the only thing she loved taken away? Why must she endure this time of darkness alone? Where is the good in this? Caterpillar feels abandoned and hopeless. And she begins to doubt her Creator’s plan.

Somewhere in the darkness and the fear, Caterpillar begins to feel a change. Something shifts within her body, almost as if she’s shrinking. The change is slow, so slow most changes are imperceptible until they are finished. Her body is now smaller, her legs thinner and longer. The cocoon seems to have developed a second layer, yet another thing inbetween her and the sky she loves. But through it all she hears her Creator whispering words of love and encouragement, her time in the dark is almost over but first she must learn to be strong.

A spark of hope reignites within her heart at her Creator’s words and she begins to press against the walls keeping her from seeing the sky. The cocoon resists Caterpillar’s attempts to break free and she fears she will not be strong enough, but her Creator continues to whisper encouragement so she tries again, and again, and again, and again, until finally a crack appears in the woven threads. A thrill rushes through her heart until she remembers where her cocoon is attached. If she continues breaking the cocoon, Caterpillar will fall to the ground far below. Fear settles in once more and she stops struggling. Why would her Creator give her hope of seeing the sky again only for her to die upon leaving the cocoon?

Once more her Creator whispers to her, asking her to trust Him. Gathering her courage, she gives one final shove and feels the rush of wind as she falls. But instead of heading to meet the ground, she finds herself rising through the air. She can hardly believe her eyes. She is flying! Looking over her shoulder, she sees a beautiful pair of painted wings attached to her own back. All that time in the darkness was not meant to take away her dream, but to fulfill her dream in such a way as she could not have imagined.

No more was she called Caterpillar, for now she had grown through the darkness, loneliness, and fear of the cocoon, she had struggled and fought and trusted to leave the cocoon, now she was called Butterfly and she would spend the rest of her days flying through the azure sky for her Creator had fulfilled His promise.

This was my first time writing anything like this. I normally stick with speculative fiction and such, yet God gave me the idea to write the story of a butterfly’s transformation. I think we all go through our own cocoon season and must learn to trust God to give us the strength to endure and eventually leave it. I’d love to know your thoughts on my experimental piece!

6 thoughts on “Becoming A Butterfly // Touch the Sky: A Short Story”

  1. Beautiful! I love this story. What a unique idea to tell a story from the caterpillar’s point of view, and a wonderful message as well. Keep on writing. πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh my gracious, JEN.

    I love the style of it, and how we’re really in Caterpillar’s POV and experiencing what she experiences. And the MESSAGE!

    “All that time in the darkness was not meant to take away her dream, but to fulfill her dream in such a way as she could not have imagined.” <–This resonated with me so, so hard. 2020 has felt like darkness, honestly. But there's been so much GROWTH through it. It feels like we're all caterpillars, having to wait in the darkness but knowing one day we'll see the sky again and it will be brighter than ever.

    I just… *clutches heart* I LOVED THIS SO MUCH!!! I'm so glad you shared it!!! <333

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    1. I’m so glad you like it and that it resonated with you! That was my favorite sentence to write. <333 I can't stop grinning over your comment! πŸ˜€

      2020 HAS been been rather dark, yet like you said there's also been growth. Even though it's dark, and even though we don't understand everything, God has promised to never leave us nor forsake us. He will give us the strength to leave our time of darkness. ❀

      AWK! I seriously can't stop grinning! You are the sweetest!!! <333 Thank you for reading it! ^_^

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  3. OH, THIS WAS SO GOOD SIS!!! It just makes me want to cry! How many times does God send us in a direction that seems opposite of where our heart lies, only to find it was the path that led straight for it!
    And I love the title: Touch the Sky!

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