A New Beginning

Sometimes life doesn’t always lead you in the direction you think it should. There are detours, accidents, and sometimes life-changing events alter your path so violently you can only sit in numb shock as your world crumbles around you.

Other times, you do something to try to change the course of your life. Even then there are still bumps along the way and the path you took isn’t quite as smooth as you hoped.

And then there are times when after wandering in the dark for so long, wondering when you could pursue the dream you’ve been nurturing, God shines a light on your path and you realize you were never alone and He shows you the way to go. The road is still bumpy, and there are detours and accidents, but it’s okay because you are trusting God to help you through it all.

I don’t have all the answers, and I have plenty of my own questions. And that’s okay. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you don’t have questions or doubts, it just means you have faith in a God Who is bigger than any question or doubt and will see you through them. He doesn’t promise answers, but He does promise to never leave you nor forsake you.

That’s what I have learned as I wrestled with beginning a blog. I had been blogging on a private site for over a year when I felt God guiding me to begin a new one, and make it public. If I’m honest with myself, I was nervous and a bit scared at first. But the more I prayed, the more I spent time listening to praise and worship songs, the more He spoke to my heart and calmed me. I began receiving words of confirmation through verses laid on my heart and in my daily Bible reading. He was with me, and He would guide me, I only had to trust Him and step out in faith into my new beginning.

So that is my story and I pray that, just maybe, it reaches someone and helps them in their own journey, someone who’s on the verge of their own new beginning. I hope you’ll follow along with me and see what God has in store as I continue this journey.

Until next time!



3 thoughts on “A New Beginning”

  1. Aaaahhhhh, girl! This place is looking fabulous! I am SO excited you decided to start a blog. I cannot wait for all your lovely posts and to see where it takes you. Welcome to the blogosphere!!! *gives you flowers*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *blushes* You are SO sweet!!!

      I can’t wait to see where it takes me either!

      The flowers are lovely and will have a place of honor on my desk<3^_^


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